MasterChef Aus S11E56 – Recap

It’s the first elimination of Finals Week, and after failing to impress in the invention test yesterday, the losers are gonna cook for the chance to be in the top five.

The losers, Tim, Anushka and Nicole, start their day by looking at photos of their families, and making coffees.
That’s how I feel getting ready for work – looking at photos of my loved ones, listening to dramatic music, and making a coffee before I get in a car and go somewhere where maybe I’ll die a little inside and try to keep it family friendly.
Lmao no, I enjoy my job, but occasionally I lose five years of my life.

When the losers arrive at the kitchen, they find Gaz and Matt waiting for them. George “Little G” Calombaris is away, possibly relating to his squash injury, but who’s to say. All I’ll say is this: I would like to see George rock an eyepatch during a Masterchef ep, but never actually mention or acknowledge it at all. Maybe a slight pirate accent. I’m not fussy.

Matt’s got a bit of a leopard print going on with his cravat and pocket square. To each their own, but you’ll never see me wearing animal print.

They tell them about the guest chef. It’s Ashley Palmer-Watts, chef director behind Dinner By Heston in Melbourne and London.

He reveals the dish. This dessert is possibly the fanciest version of a lamington.

Once recovering from the shock of how many elements and layers there are, the losers prepare to cook.

Ashley starts time, and off they go, grabbing things to get going.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Top six, Anushka, 49 year old optical distributor, always has amazing frames on, and changes every day. Today, she’s wearing her elimination frames.

So proud of her :’)

Throughout the montage, there are a few dramas.

Tim adds cocoa butter instead of cocoa powder into his biscuit, before Larissa yells at him to check the ingredients, and he adds the powder.

Nicole sprays her lamington with the chocolate gun thing, and it blows away a chunk of it, so she has to figure out what to do with that.

Anushka didn’t roll her biscuit thin enough, and now she’s hoping it works for her.

I’m really hoping Tim goes home, because then we just need Simon out, and then I’ll be happy with the remaining contestants and the resulting top three.
I feel like I’ve said this before, but sometimes Tim talks and I’m like, no thanks. I have to remember that the editing has been done in a way that I don’t want to hear from Tim and the favouritism has me rooting against him, but he does seem like a lovely person. And we all know how I feel about Simon (see rant for deets).

At the last second, Anushka hasn’t gotten her raspberry gel, and missed that element.

It’s time for tasting.

First is Nicole.

The judges all love it, and say she’s set the bar HIGH.

Next is Anushka.

She’s nervous about the lack of raspberry gel, and she hopes that the rest of it is great.

The judges taste and agree that the whole raspberry flavour isn’t there.

Finally, Tim.

We’re actually hearing so much from Tim, especially compared to Anushka, who literally just said she missed an element, and Gaz told her it’s not over until it’s over, and then Matt kicked her out.
Whatever, we already know about the blatant favouritism from the judges and the editing room.

The judges say the chocolate isn’t as strong in this one for whatever reason, but they agree it’s a great effort.

It’s time for the results, and the contestants file in.

Gaz thanks Ashley for coming before it’s time for the decision.

Wasting no time, Gaz says that Ashley found one buiscuit hard and had no raspberry gel, so that’s why Anushka is going home.

It’s time for her montage of top dishes, and the judges have nothing but positive things to say about her.

“I’m going to need a chair for this one,” Anushka says, before going for a hug with Matt.

Here’s a final photo of Anushka, as she races to her culinary future.

Run, Anushka, be free!

Where are they now? Anushka is launching her cooking school, focusing on food as a creative outlet and therapy for mental health issues. Amazing. She’s working on her website Anushka’s Kitchen!

Here’s a quick article about how Anushka is the oldest person to get this far in MasterChef Aus.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

I posted a MasterChef rant about Sandeep, and you can read it here. I also did a bigger rant about the rest of the season, and you can read that here.

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