MasterChef Aus S11E54 – Recap

After a bad service from the green team yesterday, Larissa, Christina and Simon are up for elimination. The winner goes into finals week, and the loser is left to go home as a top 7.

It’s the last day of Western Australia Week, and the contestants are in Voyager Estate, still in the Margaret River region. Whenever I hear Voyager, all I can think about is Star Trek, so I’ve got some kind of holonovel image going on haha

Larissa is told this is her last chance to use the immunity pin, and she decides to use it. Gaz says she’d be silly if she didn’t.

Larissa joins the finalists, and leaves Simon and Christina to battle it out.

Matt tells them it’s a test to test everything they’ve done so far, so this is a pressure test. Christina says she’s never been in a pressure test, and she’s a bit worried.

In walks the guest judges, Santiago “Santi” Fernandez.

He tells them the inspiration behind Voyager Estate food, and rates the dish to create as a 9/10.

He reveals his dish.

“But what if you had to make two of Santi’s dishes at the same time?” Matt asks, receiving gasps in reply.

Honestly, I don’t even know what to call the dish, because it’s just a lot of elements together.

Simon and Christina taste the dishes and then get the rules.

They’ll have three and a half hours to work on the two dishes. The winner is into Finals Week, the loser goes home.

Time starts and Christina tells us how she’s a bit scared about doing a pressure test, as she’s never been in one before.

Christina works on her mousse, and says, “I’ve made it before, so I don’t need to read the recipe.”

I’m a bit worried about her, and then it doesn’t go very smoothly at all.

We keep hearing a lot from Simon, and I honestly just don’t care about him at all? Like I just want him to finally go.

ANUSHKA WATCH: 49 year old optical dispenser and a confirmed top six contestant, Anushka, matched her glasses to her outfits. Today she’s wearing black glasses, with a beige top with black stripes, and black pants. Her hair is up, like usual.

What a blessing

Simon ruins his tuiles and throws it out. Massimo Bottura wouldn’t be happy with the waste.

With only 15 minutes left, Simon realises his tuiles hasn’t set yet, and he can’t restart it. He abandons that as well.

They’re in the stage of cooking and plating at the same time.

Time ends, and the contestants are relieved to stop.

Christina is proud, while Simon is very disappointed. He didn’t get a tuiles up, unlike Christina.

It’s time to taste, and Simon’s up first.

VERY intimidating room

First is his savoury dish.

Simon’s quail dish

They say the scallops and quail are cooked well, even though he was under so much pressure.

Next is Christina.

Christina’s dish

The judges say it’s a great dish, and Santi says it’s cooked excellently. But the jus is very salty, and they have an issue with it.

Simon’s dessert is up next.

Simon’s dessert.

Santi is quick to point out the missing tuiles. Matt says it’s a pity because it completes the dish.
However, the elements are all flavourful and really good.
Matt reiterated how important the tuiles is and how it’s an absolute shame it’s not there.

Finally, Christina’s dessert.

Ooh, she’s piping the bit of stuff on the side, and because she made it so thick, it’s coming out quite gross. She ends up having to spoon it on.

Matt is very happy about the tuiles, however has issues with the yucky thing. It’s got a weird flavour and it’s an issue. They all agree it’s a major issue for them, and say it’s not palatable. The ice-cream was delicious, however.

It’s time for the results.

Unfortunately, having an issue with both of the dishes meant Christina is going home.

I understand why, however Simon is clearly a favourite, and when Matt really talks about how important it is to have the tuiles and then eliminate the contestant who served every element, it’s easy to see why twitter is upset about it. The judges even said that Simon has been up for elimination the most.

Honestly, big mood, and I agree 100%

Where are they now? Christina his completing her nutrition degree and working on a website and ebook for wholesome eating for families.

It’s time for the MasterClass, so I’m out of here.

Ok, quickly, here’s something that made me really annoyed. There were a couple of tweets focusing on Christina’s features. I don’t even know how to say this without sounding like the worst, but her front teeth are a bit longer than the rest, so people have likened her to a rabbit.

Whether or not you liked her on the show, I just think it’s so wrong to focus and criticise someone for their features like this, when it’s something she doesn’t have control over, and could easily be something she could feel self conscious about.

Anyway, I just think we all need to be more respectful of other people, and especially these home cooks. They’re just normal people who want to cook, and this is a way for them to pursue this and see if they can crack it. We don’t hate Tim and Simon – we hate the way they’re edited.

Here are two tweets that target Christina’s features:

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

I posted a MasterChef rant about Sandeep, and you can read it here. I also did a bigger rant about the rest of the season, and you can read that here.

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3 thoughts on “MasterChef Aus S11E54 – Recap

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  1. Gorgeous pic of Anushka!
    It seems they lose a lot of really good cooks at eliminations, and less able ones get through. I miss Derek.


    1. All pictures of anushka are gorgeous haha!
      Very true, sometimes they just have bad days. In saying that, all the tastings should be blind so the judges can’t play favourites. I think there are a few dishes that may have had a subconscious bias when tasting. If last night had been a blind tasting, would it have changed the results? Would Tim have gotten back in without the clear bias?
      The judges have really become the hosts as well, but I think it taints the results, and so good chefs go, and less good chefs stay.
      MasterChef needs to go back to more of the first year format where they have a host, and force the trio of judges to take a more back seat approach, because the validity and the integrity of the contest comes into question when chefs like Derek and Sandeep leave, but Tim and Simon are in the top 6.
      Oof this has really turned into a mini-essay! Sorry for the long reply, maybe this is post worthy… haha


      1. In MKR the judges are told what to say and i have no doubt its the same on this show. Producers decide who stays and who goes unless the contestant messes up in a way that can’t be sugarcoated. Makes me mad that simon didn’t go.


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