MasterChef Aus S12E51 – Recap

The contestants come in to find the judges standing there looking fab, with something hidden behind a black curtain.

What is it?

Mel explains that this is a two round elimination. Wow them in round one and three join Laura upstairs and be in the top 6. Fail to wow, and they’re into round two, where one of three will be eliminated.

But round one is what is under the cloth??

Jock reveals the blackboard
The list of the dishes – separated in sweet and savoury with a time next to it

They have to choose one of the dishes and make a classic dish – exactly as it was intended to be cooked and cook it perfectly.

Each contestant picks their dishes.

Tessa: Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce – 60 minutes
Reece: Crème Caramel – 60 minutes
Poh: Crème Caramel – 60 minutes
Reynold: Bombe Alaska – 90 minutes
Emelia: Bombe Alaska – 90 minutes
Callum: Chocolate Soufflé – 60 minutes

Emelia and Reynold are first to cook.

After thirty minutes, everyone starts cooking.

I skip to the end of cooking, because I just watch Tik Tok’s otherwise. I just don’t understand cooking.

Anyway, Poh’s dish isn’t cooked and is still wet.


The judges come over and try Callum’s dish first.

Chocolate Soufflé by Callum

It’s perfect and the judges love it – calling it a classic chocolate soufflé.

Next is Reece, who brings his dish down to the front for the judges.

Crème Caramel by Reece

The judges say the caramelisation is lovely and he’s done really well. The flavours are there and super smooth.

Next up is Poh. It’s not going to go well and she describes it as a puddle.

Crème Caramel by Poh

The flavour is there, however not cooked enough, and that’s that.
She’s embarrassed by her attempt.

It’s Emelia’s turn.

Bombe Alaska by Emelia

It’s full on fire, which I love.

“Two words – Nailed It,” Andy says, before getting into everything that was great.
Mel calls it perfect. They say some words that I just do not understand. But Jock calls it brilliant, and genius.

Reynold brings up his dish, going head to head against Emelia. This will be the only Bombe Alaska Reynold has ever made successfully, as he totally goofed it in his season.

Bombe Alaska by Reynold

Jock says the sponge is very thick and is a bit dry as it hasn’t absorbed enough of the alcohol. Mel agrees it’s a bit thicker than it should be. Andy loves the flavour though, although he does agree with the others.

Finally, it’s Tessa time.

Fish and Chips by Tessa

It’s super crunch, and I’m craving some fish and chips now…

Everything was great, however it was a touch over, and Andy starts to critique a caper-less tartare. Mel agrees that the fish was over. Jock says it was the hardest dish to do, and agrees with Andy on tartare sauce. He then says it’s possibly enough to put her in the bottom.


Three contestants will head upstairs, while three will compete in the final round, and will be the last time one of them cooks in the MasterChef kitchen.

Into round two is Poh, Reynold and Tessa.

Callum, Emelia and Reece head upstairs to join Laura.

Now, round two: something the judges have never seen before. It must be inventive, innovative and imaginative.

The pantry and garden are open, with 75 minutes on the clock.

Andy stars the clock and the three run to the pantry.

Ok, I’m gonna skip to the tasting because this is going to be the Poh show and I’m just not really feeling that right now to be honest.

Time comes to an end and everyone steps away from their creations. All three are feeling the pressure. Tessa starts to tear up a bit.

It’s tasting time, and I’m ready to salivate.

First up is Poh with Lettuce Cups, Sago Dumplings and Rempah Udang, and Kuih Koci.

They adore it, and call it an absolute bang!

Second is Tessa.

Indian Fish Tacos with Asafoetida and Mint Raita and Kashmiri Chili Hot Sauce

While Andy loves it, Jock finds several problems with it, including the hot sauce, and wouldn’t call it an Indian dish.

Finally, it’s Reynold.

Space by Reynold

He tells the judges what all the elements are, but I just can’t get them all, I’m sorry.

The judges like pretty well everything but the mousse is not good. Everything else, however, is bang on and the sorbet is bang on. The pebbles are great and so is the tulle. They commend the look.

It’s time for them to make a choice.


Jock reminds them of what they just did, before saying that one of them brought it all.

It’s Poh! Well done to her.

However, someone did not do well, either Tessa or Reynold. They both had issues, but they referred back to the brief.

Unfortunately, it’s Tessa. It just wasn’t there with Mexican and Indian fusion not combining well.

And that’s that. We’ve got our top six, and Tessa is outie.

There are some tears. She’s bummed but happy. Andy reminds her that she’s got this and she’s got so much to do after.

She elbow bumps everyone before heading out the door. It’s honestly still so weird not seeing everyone hugging the eliminated contestant, but at least now they can elbow bump. I don’t think they could even do that earlier on.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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