MasterChef Aus S12 E50 – Recap

There’s only a few episodes left, and we’re getting to the pointy end of the stick.

Today is Immunity, and the contestants come in to find closhes with a letter next to it.

The judges stand and stare

Andy tells the that each letter is the first letter of the ingredient. They chose a letter and without tasting it (sight, smell) must identify what the ingredient is. They’ll get seven guesses and everything they guess correctly is their pantry.
Of course, they also get their usual staples.

First up is Callum who picks Q. Jock brings over the plate. it’s Quark.
Next is Laura with M. It’s Moreton Bay Bugs.
Poh does P, getting Persimmon.
Callum goes with S for Sawtooth Coriander
Laura: F – Flax Seed
Poh: B – incorrect guess, was Barbary
Callum – G: Gochujang
Laura: L – Logan Fruit
Poh: C – guessed incorrect, was caraway
Callum: K – Kangaroo
Laura: J – Jerusalem Artichokes
Poh: D – Duck
Callum: R – Rabbit
Laura: H – Halva
Poh: T – Tarragon
Callum: E – Eggplant
Laura: A – Amaranth
Poh: O – Octopus
Callum: N – Nashi Pear
Laura: W – Watercress
Poh: Y – Yuzu

Alright, that means the final pantry is:
Callum: Quark, Sawtooth Coriander, Gochujang, Kangaroo, Rabbit, Eggplant and Nashi Pear.
Laura: Moreton Bay Bug, Flax Seeds, Logan Fruit, Jerusalem Artichokes, Halva, Amaranth and Watercress.
Poh: Persimmon, Duck, Tarragon, Octopus, Yuzu.

They have to use at least one of those ingredients, the garden is not in play, and there’s no big pantry.

Mel reminds them of the stakes and starts their 60 minutes.


Poh is making notes and plans before she starts cooking, which is wild.

I miss most of the cooking because I just don’t understand anything. You may be pleased to know I’m now able to cook eggs, and have perfected runny fried eggs. I’ve even got a signature breaky roll, which my finacee loves for breakfast in bed. MasterChef 2021, here I come! Haha! No, I’d probably give the judges food poisoning in the audition 😛

Time ends as everyone is putting the finishing touches on.

Alright, whose cuisine will reign supreme? Who will be safe from Sunday’s elimination?

First to taste is Poh.

Smoked Duck Breast with Charred Persimmon and Octopus Emulsion

Andy says Poh has knocked it out of the park, it’s beautiful and well done. Jock says there’s a umami hit there. The duck is cooked perfectly and they all agree it’s a delicious dish.

Next up is Callum.

Barbequed Kangaroo with Rabbit Kidney, Gochujung Eggplant and Pickled Nashi

The kangaroo was a bit overcooked and one side wasn’t very cooked. Jock is very pedantic going, “You can see three quarters here,” as he points at a section of the kangaroo with a knife.
Jock wasn’t a big fan of that one kidney, but the rest of. thedish was great.

Finally, Laura.

Brown Butter Bugs with Jerusalem Artichoke, Watercress and Roasted Bug Oil

Look, I’m going to be honest, every time they say bug, or refer to the Moreton Bay Bug as just ‘bug’, I think of, like, crickets, when everyone’s like, ‘One day, we’ll all eat crickets and bugs’. Seeing roasted bug oil makes me a bit like hmmm…

Mel says the dish “vibrated with energy”, and said everything came together.
Andy says the acidity is perfect in the watercress.
Jock talks about how it’s great when she doesn’t cook pasta because things tick a bit more (although he does enjoy a Laura pasta).

Andy says Laura’s dish was well constructed and called it faultless.
Poh had a strange bunch of ingredients but created an extremely well put together dish.
Finally, Callum did a great strategy job, and everything he cooked was great, but the risk didn’t pay off with the kangaroo, and he dish was overthought.

Who’s safe? It’s Laura – her first immunity win. Huzzuh for her.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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