The Super Switch Aus S01E12 – Recap

Who are the couples in TSS? Here ya go:

Ben and Christie (swapped with Tyler and Olga). Ben and Christie have left, but Tyler and Olga are still in without a switch partner.

Justin and Neesha (swapped with Lachlan and Miranda).

Kendrick and Romina (swapped with Aimee and Marcus).

The beach mansion: Ben, Olga, Justin, Miranda, Kendrick and Aimee. Their therapist is Jacqui Manning.
The city mansion: Neesha, Lachlan, Christie, Tyler, Romina and Marcus. Their therapist is Guy Vicars.


Christie and Ben left the experiment after Ben attacked Tyler.

The boys had a boys night and got to talk about all the dramas and what not that has happened over the last while, including what happened between Tyler and Christie.

It’s the girl’s night tonight and they’re all excited to meet each other and find out what’s going on. Neesh and Ro are intrigued about meeting Olga.

Olga, Miranda and Aimee find out that Christie has gone home as well.

The ladies all sit down and start to talk about what’s going and how everything’s happened.

Olga is going OFF!

Neesh starts to defend Christie and Olga still doesn’t really give a rats, and says she and Tyler are the only ones who are, like, the most committed, and that pisses everyone right off.

OMG she’s annoying me so much. She needs so much more therapy than everyone else.

There are other rumours about Tyler too, he’s gifted the girls kinder surprises, and complimented Neesh as well, which she found unnecessary.

Then Neesh changes the subject, and they start to talk about Marcus.

Olga is still pissy, and when everyone goes to cheers, she sits and stares.

Olga is fuming on the way back to the mansion and just sits in silence, making for an awkward ride home.

When they get home, the boys ask them how it went, and Olga goes off to Miranda.

The next day, after calming down, Olga goes and talks to Miranda to apologise. She gets so volatile when she’s upset and very snap judgement, and then the next morning, she’s so chill and like, ‘Oh, oops.’

Last night, Tyler took his ring off, and this morning, he’s keeping a hold of it, while trying to figure out what’s going on with Olga and why she would be like that.

Tyler gets a letter from Olga talking about how hard it has been, especially with the rumours, and Tyler’s annoyed that Neesh talked about being complimented to Olga.

Olga gets a message from Tyler as well, and he promises to spend more time with her, and she’s so excited and happy. But then he goes, ‘I know about what happened in Port Douglas,’ and she’s like ‘WTF happened in Port Douglas?’ It was her staying up until 5 drinking with the boys. He’s also upset about how she’s talked about him. Olga’s like what have they been saying to him? It’s all lies, etc.

Jeeze louise, is all I have to say on the matter.

Tyler starts drama at dinner, accusing Neesh of lying and for being the worst, and she’s like, nah, that was a rumour in their house, I was saying that I don’t feel uncomfortable, and it’s not a lot, it’s fine. Blah blah blah. What a mess.

Then Marcus, while Ro is talking seriously about Olga, picks up two breadsticks and holds them up behind Romina’s head.

Tyler calls him out, and tells him that that’s what they talked about, inappropriate jokes in serious moments.

Ro calls it very disrespectful, and Marcus goes, ‘Well you’re always disrespectful,’ and she’s like wut? And then Marcus says he talks to him quite disrespectfully, and to Ken, so she’ll still be disrespectful when she goes home.

They start talking about being disrespectful. Tyler brings up that Lachlan called Ro disgusting in her outfit this morning.

After a bit of a drama, Tyler calls everyone fake and leaves the table.

As usual, I write my recaps as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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