The Super Switch Aus S01E08 – Recap

Who’s who on TSS? I got you.

Ben and Christie (swapped with Tyler and Olga).

Justin and Neesha (swapped with Lachlan and Miranda).

Kendrick and Romina (swapped with Aimee and Marcus).

The beach mansion: Ben, Olga, Justin, Miranda, Kendrick and Aimee.
The city mansion: Neesha, Lachlan, Christie, Tyler, Romina and Marcus.

The couples are back in their mansions, and it’s already super awkward. Tyler leaned over the pillow wall and gave Christie a bit of a tickle. It made her uncomfortable, so he’s now sleeping on the floor.

The next morning, she’s wearing a sweater made by Ben, that say, ‘Don’t touch these or this’ with arrows pointing to particular places on her front, and a picture of him in the middle with his arms crossed. On the back it says, ‘You can look at this it’s amazing’ with an arrow pointing at her booty, and a picture of him smiling with a thumbs up.

Guy Vicars heads over to see the beach mansion, back from Port Douglas.

Ugh, straight away, Ben is the worst, and goes, ‘These group sessions, it’s always about how the guy is doing something wrong. I’ve never heard anything wrong about Miranda, like it’s always her partner that’s the worst,’ and I’m like it’s because it looks like it’s on the verge of domestic violence, mate.
He goes, ‘She always defends him, then, so why are you here?’

Guy is like, ‘Ok, Miranda, what do you think about this?’ and Justin goes to talk and Guy’s like, ‘Mate, no. Don’t talk for her.’

Then it’s all agree that she needs to open up more.

He gives her $100 to buy their partner a gift.

Olga says that when she looks at her engagement ring, she thinks of Tyler, and she wants to get him something with the same feeling, so she wants to buy him an engagement ring and have it engraved.

Jacqui has gotten her group to do the same thing, getting something they know their partner would love.

Ben decides to buy Christie some lingerie, but doesn’t know her bra size or anything.

Christie decides to buy Ben a juicer because he always goes on about how he wants a juicer.

Tyler wants to get Olga a basket full of her favourite chocolates. He buys a gift basket of chocolate.

It’s making me think about what I would buy my partner…

Ken and Aimee are getting jewellery for their partners and will engrave them.

Ro wants to get Ken a t-shirt designed for him.

Neesh gets a toy sausage dog and wants to engrave a collar so when they get a real puppy, the collar can go on the real dog.

Lachlan goes and gets her perfume, without knowing what she likes, and without putting thought behind it. ‘She’s easy to please, she likes any gifts I get her’… Sure.

The presents arrive, and everyone’s excited to get them. Each couple goes to their own place to open the present. They’ll open it together and reveal it later with the whole group.

Ben is so excited to get a juicer, and Olga’s like um ok? But he loves it!

“What does it mean?” Olga asks.

“That she listens,” he says, saying it’s something he said months ago.

Olga opens hers to reveal the basket of chocolate. She’s happy with just chocolate, like very happy, happier than I expected.

Christie opens her present to find lingerie with a padlock on it so that she can’t use it without him. She likes it, but also it won’t fit her.

Tyler opens the box to see a ring and ‘Will you marry me?’ written in it. He says it’s a wedding ring, and Christie says he’ll have to start planning when he gets back.

Marcus opens his present to find a watch with an engraving on the inside, the tattoo she got on holiday when they were together.

Ro opens hers to find the bracelet from Ken with ‘Love is the key’ engraved on it. She starts to cry and says she loves it.

Ken opens his present to find the shirt with the same message printed on it, and he loves it, so happy to be so in sync.

Aimee opens hers to find a bracelet, and says it’s very sweet. It’s the first piece of jewellery he’s ever bought her.

Miranda’s next, and gets a big white dream catcher and little ducks made of crystal.

Justin says it’s a waste of money to buy presents.

He opens his presents to find the sausage dog slippers and toys. He doesn’t really….

Neesh says if he gets her perfume, it’s not very meaningful. She opens it and it’s perfume. She smells it and doesn’t really like it. She says it feels like an easy way out.

Lachlan opens his to find a little buddha statue. He has buddhas at home, and so he really liked getting it.

Neesh says it’s very thoughtful, but perfume isn’t. She’s gonna finish it then throw it away, like that’s it.

The group go around and say what they got. Everyone’s like, ‘Aw so nice! Perfect!’ and then it gets to Neesh and she starts to cry. Ro starts to talk again, and Neesh is like STFU.

They ask her if it’s her favourite bottle, and she’s like, ‘I’ve never seen this type of bottle in my life. It’s so embarrassing to tell you guys this, it’s a super terrible present.’

The other group do the same thing, and everyone’s really happy, except Justin. He’s like, yeah….

Ben is so excited to whip out his juicer. He feels like Christie loves him more, and Olga is really judgemental.

She pulls out her box of chocolate, and Ben says he felt like it was a bit of a cop out, and like getting socks from your mum. She’s like your girl got you a juicer, like?? And then goes, well we’re engaged so I’m happy with whatever, and they’re all like just because you’re engaged, doesn’t mean it needs to be like you get what you get.

Ben reckons that she’s starting to realise that it’s a bad present.

Ro asks if Tyler and Christie will share a bed now, and he says that no, they’ve already started sleeping on the ground.

Christie brings up that he tickled her elbow over the pillow wall, and now he’s sleeping on the ground.

Lachlan and Neesh get annoyed about it and probe them about the situation.

And then Tyler goes the closeness between Lachlan and Neesh is a lot worse.

As usual, I write my recaps as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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  1. That shirt that Ben made Christie……ewww.
    Each to their own on presents, I am terrible at gift buying, my husband is awesome but the truth is I always love me some chocolates!


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