MasterChef Aus S11E60 – Recap

It’s the first day of Grand Final Week, and the semi-finalists, Tim, Simon, Tessa, and Larissa, are fighting to be in tomorrows grand final.

Hot Tip: The contestants have all moved out of their mansion to live alone for the next couple of days. Thanks to @JohnsonLeung for the tip!

Each contestant has a flashback of their time on MasterChef, before they enter the kitchen.

George “Little G” Calombaris, the chef facing massive fines, and who has a petition for him to be fired from MasterChef for underpaying his staff by just under nine million dollars, tells the contestants that three of them will be in the Grand Final tomorrow.

Matt introduces the guest chef who will be pressure testing them. It’s Peter Gilmore, bringing in a secret dish.

He has cooked this dish hundreds of times to perfect it, and they’ll have two hours.

The white coral dessert is made of 5 components and there are forty steps.

He explains that the coral needs to go in the blast chiller for an hour and a half. They’ll be making four of these. The coral is a white chocolate mousse, that needs to be super light and aerated.

Time starts, and the contestants run, needing to get the first ten steps done and in the blast chiller in 15-20 minutes so it has the hour and a half in the blast chiller.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, 49 year old optical distributor, and top six contestant, is back in the kitchen and lookin’ super cute as usual! So excited to see her. She’s wearing pink/beige/translucent frames, and her hair is down today.

One day I’ll get a flattering photo of Anushka. She’s standing with Huda and Steph

Tessa is behind on her coral, and it’s not in the blast chiller yet, even though everyone else has put theirs in, and it’s past the time it should be in by. Blarch those were worbs.
Anyway, she’s quick to get it in shortly afterwards.

As Tim was whipping something, he realised it’s split, and has to figure out something to do.
Simon almost over-whips and it’s starting to split. He has enough stuff to restart that bit.

Everyone gets their elements together, and time ends.

It’s hugs all round, and Peter comes over to tell them they should be very proud of themselves. What a blessing. Replace George with him, that’s what I say.

Tasting time, and Simon kicks it off.

He brings the elements int the tasting room to construct it.

George is wearing his blue tasting glasses.

Simon has 15 minutes to construct the dish.

The coral is looking good, and he has to put it in liquid nitrogen to get it to harden up, and then shapes it to look like coral, rather than a block of styrofoam.

Everything’s looking really nice for him, but then he notices the coral is getting sticky and needs a couple more seconds in the nitrogen again, which impresses the trio of judges and Peter.

They call it a cracking dish, and it’s pretty well perfect, nothing bad to say.

Next is Tim.

His coral isn’t great, and it’s quite dense looking.

Larissa says this dish has aged her, as she walks into the tasting room.

Her coral is going well, it’s light and airy, and the rest of her ingredients are excellent.

Peter says it’s a little dense, but a good effort.

Little G says the ice-cream is really delicious, and Peter agrees.

Finally, Tessa.

She’s super worried that her coral hasn’t set, because she got it into the blast chiller quite late.

Then Tessa starts to cry. “I don’t even know why I’m crying. I didn’t see this coming,” she says, wiping tears. “It’s your face, Gary, it makes me cry.”

Everyone starts to laugh, before getting a bit serious, and telling her to give them their dessert.

She opens the container and finds it has set, and it looks good. Everything is going well for her, and she has time to make sure it all looks perfect, and gives the coral one more hit of nitrogen before plating.

Peter says that everything was perfect and she nailed it. He says it’s good enough to serve.

Gaz says it’s the closest to his, so perfect.

I think the ranking is Tessa first, Simon second, Larissa third, and Tim last.
Hopefully we get Tim out so Tessa or Larissa can beat Simon in the Grand Final.

It’s time for the decision.

Gaz says they all did amazingly, but only three can make it to tomorrow, and one of them needs to leave.

The first person into the finale is Tessa.
Joining her is Simon.
The last one in is Larissa.
Which means Tim is out (for the second time).

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

I posted a MasterChef rant about Sandeep, and you can read it here. I also did a bigger rant about the rest of the season, and you can read that here.

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  1. Is it ok i wanted to punch simom a little bit for saying “the standard is high between all 4 of them”. No. You are here by flukes… between tim and simon i would have preferred tim to stay. P.s. we think he looks prince harry lol. I know masterchef milked that angle but we agree hahaga


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