MasterChef Aus S11E31 – Recap

Tonight is the elimination and the losers of yesterday’s invention test, Nicole, Christina and Walleed, will fight to stay in the contest. Also tonight, the eliminated contestants are back to cook their way back into the competition.

The three come in to find the kitchen is set up like usual, however behind Matt and Gaz is a lot of hidden dishes.

Gaz tells them that George won’t be joining them today, but doesn’t say why. Maybe Tessa’s chilli mud crab from yesterday’s invention test has really done one on him. He did say he was going to pass out…

For this elimination challenge, they’ll have to choose two ingredients behind them. Behind Gaz is the proteins and behind Matt are misc. If they don’t like that they’ve gotten, they’ll be able to choose another one. Choosing again means they’re stuck with their new choice.

Christina is up first. She gets lamb shoulder and water spinach. She hates cooking with lamb, so goes with a risk and chooses something else. Her second attempt gets her duck.

Next is Nicole. She picks tofu. Her second ingredient is coffee. She decides to re-pick both ingredient. This time, she gets rabbit, and she says she’s never cooked with it before. Her misc ingredient is grapes.

Finally, Walleed. He gets bacon, something he can only cook, not eat. He also gets truffle. He decides to choose another two, knowing it’s a gamble. His new protein is venison. His other ingredient is artichoke.

Gaz tells them they have 60 minutes, an open pantry, and the garden is in play. Time starts, and so does the montage.

Personally, I have a bit of trouble telling Christina, Tessa and Nicole apart, especially during team challenges, so I’m hoping either Christina or Nicole will go to make it easier on me. I also love Walleed and I don’t want to see him go yet.

I’m definitely worried about Walleed, though. He’s never cooked with articokes before and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Gaz comes around and tells him what he’s got doesn’t make sense and to change the dish. He decides to make a Middle Eastern salad.

Christina’s working on doing a broth, maybe some noodles.

Nicole is making pasta and ragu. She doesn’t think she’ll have enough time, though.

ANUSHKA WATCH: One of our faves, Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing black framed glasses. She’s wearing a green blouse, and she looks cute.

Larissa, Derek, and Anushka ❤

Time is counting down, and it’s getting tense. The music is amping the atmosphere, and I’m starting to worry that I won’t get my lamb shoulder finished in time.

Ugh, Nicole accidently grabbed her pan with a handle that had been in the oven. She sys she’s in so much pain but she doesn’t have time to stop.

Anushka starts yelling at Walleed. He’s put the inedible bits of artichoke on his plate, and she’s freaking out for him.

Anushka’s energy is getting to Derek and he’s getting worried about Walleed as well.

Anushka is all of us at home right now 🙈#MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) June 10, 2019

MasterChef put up a short video of Anushka freaking out.

Finally, time is up, and Nicole runs her hand under water. She’s pretty upset with how her dish has turned out.

It’s time to taste and first is Christina.

Matt and Gaz have to serve their own plates up, and they make fun of George as they put individual bits of things onto each other’s plates.

They really like the dish and enjoy the broth.

Next up is Nicole.

The first thing Matt did was ask about her hand, she said it’s fine.

When they taste, they say it needs another five minutes of love. The rabbit was well cooked, and not a total disaster.

Finally, it’s Walleed.

He says he’s worried because he missed the artichoke heart out, because he was too focused on the apperane.

They ask what happens if he leaves, and he says he’ll be still cooking. he never takes risk, but MasterChef is a great experience.

When they start to eat, Gaz says the venison was cooked perfectly, but the crispy artichoke leaves are inedible. It’s not looking good for him at all right now, and I’m really scared.

It’s time for the results. Matt tells Christina she did a great job, and she’s safe.

NOOOOOOOOO!!! Walleed is going home because of his artichoke! I might cry?


“Walled, usually, this would be the end of your MasterChef time in the kitchen, but today things are a bit different,” Matt says. “Today we’re going to give you a chance to win your apron back”

The eliminated contestants run back in. It’s a lot of hugs, and cheering, and it’s all very exciting.

The eliminated contestants are excited to try and take Walleed’s spot.

Matt starts to catch up with everyone to see what they’ve been up to. I’d honestly forgotten about most of them.

I really don’t want Tim, Kyle, or Joe back. They annoyed me.

Now, it’s time to find out how they’ll get in. They’ll have to choose an ingredient that was on offer from the elimination – hidden and otherwise, but they get to see what each one is.

The fire alarm has gone off, and now I have to wait to see if I have to evacuate. This is outrageous. I can’t even hear MasterChef now.

Ah well, time’s started, and so has the montage. Hopefully I get to watch this episode, or I’m gon be mad.

I had to evacuate, and then I decided it would be a good idea to walk back up the stairs, all 12 floors, and get back faster than going with the lift. BAD choice. Almost as bad as Walleed forgetting his artichoke heart.

Well, in light of that, lets get straight to the tasting. Like other times, I’ll comment on the ones that get the little logo and what it is at the bottom. They’ll be the one that are most likely to get back in, anyway.

First up is Yossra.

The judges enjoy it, and say she’s really set the bar.

Next is Monica.

Matt takes a swig of the sauce. He loved it in combination with the duck.

Kyle is up.

Matt calls it solid.
“It’s the sort of food we’ve missed from you,” Matt tells him.

Tim comes up.

Tim tells them he cooked it rare. They cut it open, and I think I heard it moo…

“I think you’ve out done yourself,” Gaz says. “Well done.”
Then, Gaz goes on to break down every thing he liked.
“You’re up there,” Matt says.

I’m very disapointed. When Walleed comes up, they just show the dish, no logo. You can pretty much tell this is the last time we’ll see Walleed on the show until maybe the final, I don’t know.

Finally, is Jess.

Show us the whole thing first, you cowards!

Matt and Gaz really like it.

It’s now time to find out who will be back. Matt says there are four who are worthy to back in:

  1. Yossra
  2. Jess
  3. Kyle
  4. Tim

I’m really hoping it’s either Yossra or Jess.

Gaz says the winning dish is the one that has set a new bar.

Ugh, it’s Tim. I suspected by his where are they now segment, but I really just don’t care for him and I want him gone.
It’s a shame, since the beginning you can really see where the favouritism is. Walleed received next to no air time, and he lasted longer than the rest of those who went home.

I’m actually really disappointed with how they sent him off.

Normally, they get a little montage of their time, have a chance to shake the judges hands, and have a moment to say goodbye to the other contestants, and it’s their moment and their goodbyes.

This time, Walleed got one line from Gaz while still standing at the back of the loser pack. He and the other eliminated contestants are all dismissed at the same time. He doesn’t get a montage, he doesn’t get to shake the judges hands (on camera anyway), he hugs the rest of the contestants at the same time as the other losers, and he’s one of the first few to head out. Walleed gives the judges a small wave and a smile, before he walks off.

Where are they now: Walleed is selling sweets at a local market, and working on a cookbook celebrating his Egyptian heritage. He is still in my heart, though, forever and always.

As usual, I wrote this episode while I was watching the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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  1. So I’m curious, you had to evacuate your building due to a fire alarm, was it because you tried to cook again? 😂


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