MasterChef Aus S11E30 – Recap

Queensland Week is over, and the contestants are back at home at the MasterChef kitchen.

When they walk in, their benches are set up with mystery boxes. George, Gaz and Matt, the trio of judges, stand at the front, waiting for them.

George allows them to lift their lids, and they find brussels sprouts on the stalk, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, leek, lemon, parsnip, lamb rack, and greek yogurt.

Tonight’s mystery box

Today is a special mystery box challenge. They’ll have 60 minutes to cook, and they have to use everything inside. It’s an Everything Box challenge.

Matt says, “It’s time to step it up a notch. From today onwards, we’re only tasting the three most appealing dishes. Best dish sends it’s maker into the immunity challenge.”

Time starts, and so does the montage.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing cute frames. She’s also rushin’ around to make some Russian pastries today.

We’ve seen these glasses before. They’re mostly clear around the front, kinda gold/brown, and the legs/arms are brown.

Steph doesn’t eat brussels sprouts, and her kids hate them too. She’s pleasantly surprised to find she likes the ones she’s cooked, though.

George comes over to Anushka towards the end of the cook and says, “Are you just going to stare at the oven? Anushka? Are you just staring at the oven? Let me have a look.”
He comes over and crouches down with her and stares into the hot abyss. It’s a cute little bonding moment.
It feels like when you put a pizza into the oven and then you just stare at it to see if the cheese has melted yet, and then someone who wants a bit comes over and stares at it for a bit with you.

Finally, montage ends, and it’s time to eat three dishes. One of them will be going into the immunity challenge.

Tasted first today is Derek.

The first thing Matt says is, “Where’s the gravy?”

“I felt like it didn’t really need it,” Derek tells him.

“Alright, let’s see.” Matt and the trio of judges start to eat.

Overall, they call it a success.

Next up is Tessa.

They love it as well.

Finally, Simon.

The first thing Gaz does is says it feels a bit Twilight Zone.

Matt and Gaz are intrigued at how the sprouts caramelised.

“I love it,” Gaz says, before talking about what he liked about the sprouts.

George calls it a ripping dish. Matt talks about everything he likes about it.

There’s a lot of, “Do you agree? I agree. Do you agree?”

The trio decide they don’t even need to turn around to talk, Simon’s won.

For the invention test, Matt tells them they need to use a whole ingredient. Nose to tail, or root to leave. No matter how they decide to do it, they need to use every part of an ingredient in the dish.

Contestants must choose one of the ingredients on the table to use completely.

The garden and pantry are open, they’ll have 75 minutes, and all the dishes will be tasted. The best three are with Simon in the immunity challenge, and the worst three will be up for elimination tomorrow.

Their 75 minutes start, and so does the montage.

Everyone has a drama with their dishes.

For this tasting, like last time, I’ll only include a photo of the food if it has the description on it, and only discuss the foods that have a photo to accompany.

First to be tasted is Ben.

He tells them all the ways he used the cauliflower.

Gaz opens it up (image 2).

The judges love it, and say it’s beautiful.

Next is Abbey.

She tells them everything she did with the fennel.

Matt is moaning as he eats. George makes a few noises as well.

Kicking it off, Matt tells her what he liked it about it. George calls it another ripping dish. He’s excited by it.

Nicole is up, and Tati helps her take the food to the front.

Her tail fell on the floor during cooking, and it’s the first thing George asks about.

Gaz starts by pulling it away from the bone a bit, and criticises the fish.

“Such a shame,” George mutters.

“It’s a shame,” Gaz says. “I wanted more heat, I wanted more fire. But the big let down is the fish. Real shame.”

Matt pretty much says the same thing. “With the cooking we’ve seen today, you’re in trouble, possibly.”

Derek’s next.

From the get go, the trio seem to enjoy it.

“I love the fact you made your own noodles,” Matt says, before listing other things he loves.

“You’re just a bit timid. You see how George is sweating? You want me to sweat like that,” Gaz tells him.

Up next is Walleed.

He’s worried it’s a bit under, and that’s the first thing Gaz mentions.

Gaz calls the rice chalky, and unfortunately means everything else doesn’t mean much to him.

“It’s the bindi in the foot,” Matt says.

“Nice try though,” Gaz says.

Christina is up.

Matt criticises her for only using the top of the apple when it was supposed to be a whole thing. He calls it potentially bottom three.

Last is Tessa.

“Tell me,” Matt says, “have you used enough chilli?”

She tells them she used a lot, and hopes it’s not too much. They call it a challenge.

The boys roll up their sleeves, and Matt takes his jacket off.

They start to eat, and George suddenly stops.

“I think I’m going to pass out,” he says.

“You may have broken George,” Matt tells her, before saying how much he loved it.

Overall, the trio loved her dish, and love the spice.

It’s time to decide. The winners are Tessa, Abbey, and Ben.

Tomorrow’s elimination will feature Nicole, Walleed, Christina. I’m worried about Walleed because he’s a blessing, so I’m a bit scared for tomorrow.

As usual, there will be spelling and grammar issues, as I write the recap as I watch the episode.

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  1. “It feels like when you put a pizza into the oven and then you just stare at it to see if the cheese has melted yet, and then someone who wants a bit comes over and stares at it for a bit with you.”
    You’re killing me!! 😂 😂

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