Celebrity MasterChef S02E02 – Recap

We’re back for episode two, and I’m excited to see what’s brought to the table today.

The gang giggle in, Thorpey talking about how they all get along so well.

They walk to the front to find the judges, Mel, Andy and Jock, waiting at the front.

Andy asks them what they got out of yesterday’s cook, and Chrissie says it’s the first time she’s cooked for people who don’t have to be nice, so maybe she is good at cooking.

Mel starts to explain the challenge. “Today, we want you to bring your favourite comfort food dish.”

Then, Jock starts to set down the rules for this challenge. They have 75 minutes to bring their favourite comfort food dish. Only the best dish will be safe from Sunday elimination, and they won’t be the first celebrity going home.

Nick is frothing for the idea of not being the first going home.

Time starts, and everyone stands there for a moment going, “Oh, it starts now?” before deciding where they should go and what to do.


Once out of the pantry and getting going, everyone starts to talk about what they’ll be cooking.

The judges sit on the couch and talk about how now they get to learn about the truest form of the celebrity, and how the competition will be fierce tonight.

First to be harassed is Tilly, who is cooking butter chicken. Yum! The judges are keen. Tilly says that as long as she doesn’t go home first, she won’t be in trouble with her dad.

On the subject, I got a Hot Tip from two people, of the same thing, and I know it’s a little old, but it’s still really funny. Gordon Ramsey, with James Corden, did a MasterChef parody, MasterChef Senior, and you can watch it here. I really enjoyed it, thank you Del and James for sending me that!

They annoy a few more celebrities.

Nick is feeling a bit confident in cooking his dish in 75 minutes. He pulls a judges, and harasses Chrissie with his spices.

One hour to go.

I’m really glad to see they’ve moved away from going, “I don’t know how to cook! I don’t know what each machine is!” They did too much of that last episode – today, they’re serious about cooking this dish and impressing.

Rebecca is starting to feel stressed.

Thorpe decides to add some truffle to his mac and cheese. Dilruk is doing mac and cheese. Ooh, a bit of a mac and cheese off, Chrissie is also doing a truffle mac and cheese. She’s getting nervous realising that she’s facing off against two others, and that she has to have the best mac and cheese to win.

“It’s a smack-and-cheese down,” Dilruk says. When he finds out the other two are being a bit extra, “Who puts truffle in there?”

Out here cooking fried chicken and fried rice, it’s Archie, cracking out his sob story while he’s at it. He wants to take cooking back into his family…

Dami stirs her Korean banquet noodles with her chopsticks.

There’s 30 minutes to go.

Rebecca’s doing cheese rolls. She talks about how she loves white bread, and goes on a bit of a tangent. Nick talks to us about scallops and being from Tassie.

Cooking the death dish, it’s Collette. Jock and Andy wish her luck in her endeavours, but she’s confident.

Returning to the couches, the judges gossip about how the contestants are going and which dishes they’re most excited for.

“We’re here, and we’re hungry,” Andy yells out. “Ten minutes to go.”

Nick and Chrissie talk about scallops, and she pretends to be interested in when scallops have to be cooked, and not stressing about the other two mac and cheeses.

The judges come around to her, and she talks about making a panwich? “My kids call it a toasted panwich.” I think she’s abandoned the mac and cheese? Surely not with six minutes to go.

Nick is freaking out and watches his scallops cook.

There’s three minutes to go, and Jock is yelling at them to start plating.

Nick is really stressed, and has started equating MasterChef to a game of AFL.

Ok, so, Chrissie hasn’t abandoned the mac and cheese, she’s just added elements, and she reckons there might be a bit too much.

Tilly is vibeing with her butter chicken, but she’s a bit like, “How do I plate??”

Counting down the final seconds, the contestants are relieved to finally have this over with.

A few friends come over to eat Collette’s risotto.


The judges are set – they’re eating on the couch today. It reminds me of, I want to say season 12, where the contestants had to cook food that would be delivered to Mel and had to survive the travel, while also serving up to Jock and Andy at their table. But I digress.

First to taste is Tilly. She has made Butter Chicken with Saffron Rice and Roti Bread.

Tilly’s Butter Chicken with Saffron Rice and Roti Bread

Mel and Jock serve, while Andy grills Tilly on her home life. She reveals some shocking news: Gordon doesn’t really cook at home.
“He likes to make out that he does all the cooking, but it’s mostly mum.”
They are living for the tea.
Tilly talks about wanting to go to uni and study psychology.

Ok, food time.
Jock calls it delicious, homely, the sauce is comforting, and the rice is cooked perfectly. Andy calls it an awesome start to her MasterChef journey.

Next is Rebecca, and she’s made Southland Cheese Rolls.

Rebecca’s Southland Cheese Rolls

Andy calls it a cracking dish, with the filling absolutely delicious. Mel agrees, and so does Jock, who would gladly eat hundreds.

Next is Archie. He’s cooked Fried Chicken and Rice

Archie’s Fried Chicken and Rice

Ooh, it’s looking good. He’s reluctant to share how many herbs and spices, but the other contestants rattle through his bench and discover 11, ratting him out immediately, while he’s trying to negotiate for immunity.

Mel says the crunch is great, and the chicken is cooked well – exactly what you want from a good fried chicken. They all agree the big lump of chicken is perfect. We all agree that we would marry that chicken if we could. Andy compliments the fried rice, calling it delicious.

Up to face the judges, it’s Nick with Curried Scallop Pies, a family recipe/tradition.

Nick’s Curried Scallop Pies

Mel eats scallop pies like they’ll swim away, and she says these are the best she’s had. Andy calls them powerful.

Dami’s next, serving Korean Banquet Noodles with Seafood Kimchi Pancake.

Dami’s Korean Banquet Noodles with Seafood Kimchi Pancake

Jock says the pancake needed a couple extra minutes in the pan.

It’s time for Matt. He’s made Roast Tomato Fettuccine, and it looks so yummy!

Matt’s Roast Tomato Fettuccine

Jock says it tastes good, but there’s too much pasta for the amount of sauce. Andy says that it definitely is a comfort food, and I’m not entirely sure you can have too much pasta, but go off I guess, Jock.

Collette comes out with her Death Dish: Zucchini Risotto with Tomato Chilli Relish

Zucchini Risotto with Tomato Chilli Relish

Jock calls it a perfect risotto, and compliments all the different things she had done. Mel says it’s light, perfect amount of cheesy-ness, and the zucchini is perfect. And Andy loves it, he says it can’t get much better.

The first mac and cheese to be served is Thorpey’s.

Thorpey’s Truffle Mac & Cheese

Jock says the flavour is sensational, but a bit too tight – needs more goo.

Second is Dilruk, with his Mexican inspired mac and cheese, including jalapeños

Dilruk’s Mex & Cheese

They love the flavour, and how it’s a bit spicy, all round very good. But there’s still one more mac and cheese left in this mac off.

So, Jock yells out for Chrissie to bring her dish over. The judges are sitting on the couches, which is already a bit away from the benches, and usually they would stand at their table and call the next person over. It just reminds me of when kids yell for their mum from another room, like they’re in the lounge room and just yell, “Mum, I’m hungry!” And Chrissie just has mum vibes, especially when she brings over her dish, which is food she cooks for her kids at home.

She brings out a tray of Mac & Cheese Two ways with Toasted Panwich, which is a toasted sandwich cooked on a pan.

Chrissie’s Mac & Cheese Two Ways with Toasted Panwich

Jock calls it very comforting, but a bit overcooked. However, it’s unanimously agreed that the panwich is the best.

With that, tasting is over.


It’s time for the results.

Mel reminds them of what just happened and what the stakes are.

There were four top dishes today, cooked by Collette, Nick, Tilly, and Rebecca.

But there can only be one winner, one safe from immunity on Sunday.

With a dish where all the elements fit together seamlessly, safe this week is Collette.

They’re told to leave the kitchen and not come back until Sunday.

Righto, I don’t know why I expected more episodes, I guess because usually there’s the four or five a week, but I guess this season there’s only two? Anyway, I’ll see you on Sunday!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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