MasterChef Aus S13 – The Recap Plan

Hello! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, especially as MasterChef season 13 approaches, with ads promising an incredible showcase of talent from cooks around Australia. I’d normally be frothing with excitement!

Season 13 is due to premier on Monday the 19th of April at 7:30pm.

Now, excited may I be, this year, unfortunately, I won’t be able to do any recaps. Lately, I have been working a lot more, and it feels like I’m barely at home. I’m also working evenings a few days a week, so there are times when I’ll be leaving home when MasterChef starts, or on my way home during an episode. With early mornings and late finishes, I won’t have time to sneeze, let alone write a recap each day. I was disappointed to miss out on pretty much all of MAFS this year, so missing out on MasterChef is a huge blow, given the last two years.

It’s really disappointing for me, because I love doing the recaps, and sitting down while I watch an episode, putting everything together and getting feedback. Financially, though, I just can’t justify it at the moment.

I have never made any money from recaps. At all. I know I pepper in ads, but as it stands, I’ve made maybe $5.00, and WordPress can’t cash out a small amount. I pay for the domain and a premium account so I can get more out of what I’m doing so I can bring better content. While I wish I could afford to take time off work to write this year, it’s a bit financially irresponsible at this stage, especially while trying to save for a wedding.

Hopefully things next year will be a lot more calmer and I can get back to writing recaps. And, who knows, maybe a smaller show will pop up later in the year, like The Super Switch from 2019, and I can write recaps for that.

Anyway, I hope you’ve been keeping safe and well through COVID, and I look forward to writing more recaps soon!


One thought on “MasterChef Aus S13 – The Recap Plan

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  1. I am very concerned that you won’t find time to sneeze. I read once where a girl from England….or was it Bolivia? (I always get those two countries confused in my mind)….anyhow she held in a sneeze and caused her head to explode! Boom! Completely. Like an overripe pomegranate. I can verify the authenticity of this report as I read it on the internet and if it’s on there, well, it’s got to be true,
    I am lucky insofaras I’m so frequently disappointed in life that not having your recaps in 2021 – which i was looking forward to very much – has disappointed me – but i can handle disappointment like I said.
    Well there’s always next year……


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