MasterChef Aus S12E61 – Recap

This is it, the last episode of the season!

What will we do without it? … well, Junior MasterChef, and of course waiting for next season!

To kick off the 61st episode, we get a recap of the last 60 episodes, and Mel, Jock and Andy fawning over decadent foods.

They remind us of the friendships made and how devastating it was when people left, with a crying montage.

The drama is only just starting, as we haven’t even gotten to the title montage yet.

Ok, in case you missed it, Laura and Emelia are in the grand final, after a devastated Reynold was booted last episode.

Laura reminds us that she came second in her season, and she intends to win.
But Emelia has the same plan, having fought tooth and nail to get here.

The fancy black cars pull up, not very environmentally friendly, but I guess that’s the COVID nature.

The old contestants line up to greet them in

Standing in two rows, the elimintated contestants stand in a row, clapping them in. Emelia and Laura are so excited as they pass their friends. Waiting for the duo at the end is the three judges, having almost finished their first season together.

The judges are all looking super cute

They all mill around, a reminisent of pre-COVID times, and I start to wonder if that’s a legal amount of people in one space?

“Well,” Jock says, “what an entrance – and so it should be!”

Emelia cries telling the judges that she’s tried so hard, and stuff, I zone out a bit at tears.

“I said at the begining that if anyone was going to beat me, I wanted it to be Loz,” Emelia says. “I didn’t mean now, though.”

Everyone laughs.

Mel starts to tell them what the grand final challenge is. It’s a service challenge, with three courses, for the three judges and all their eliminated friends, so over 60 plates each.

They have free reign of the pantry, and 4 hours before service starts.

Mel starts the time and the contestants are off.


They two start by writing up their three course menu. Emelia is really thinking about the pressure of it all, especially as Laura works as a chef and does this stuff regularly, while she makes cakes.

The contestants are all milling around, not standing upstairs, which I’m a bit confused about? But I don’t know. I like it when they yell down advice and ask random questions.

Jock comes around and harasses Emelia first, asking her what her plans are.

Meanwhile, I grab a bottle of water and a container of nuts, and huddle them in my arms like a MasterChef contestant on my way to make a dish. Yes, I will be stress eating these cashews.

Talking with Laura, Jock finds out that she’s making an artichoke ice-cream, and surprisingly no pasta!

While Laura and Emelia cook, here’s a TikTok I made a little while ago that you may enjoy. Not the most flattering video of me, but I had fun lmao

What else has been happening that’s MasterChef related? Oh, I’ve gotten banned from Facebook ads because I said, “Love MasterChef?” and that’s too saucy for Facebook. Or they’re homophobic. Or both. Who’s to say. They won’t let me dispute it, so I’ve got no view on Facebook rip

Emelia’s ribs aren’t cooked enough at 50 minutes in the pressure cooker. She hadn’t accounted for this, so it’s a bit of a mess at the moment for her. Emelia doesn’t have the 20 minutes the ribs need to cook. This is a MasterChef disaster!

Nonetheless, she gets cracking on her dessert. As she talks about it, I’m really wanting to eat all the gelato in the freezer.

Callum says that he’s more keen to eat Laura’s dish, as it has a lot more native ingredients.
Laura starts to get into what she’s cooking and what the inspiration is.

“Smells delicious,” Khanh says.

It’s super lovely to see the gays back.

Disaster strikes- Laura burns her hand! Omg, she picks up the pan and the handle is so hot it burns her straight away. Oof

“I’ve lost,” Laura says in a moment of defeat, before getting her hand looked at and getting back to cooking.

Blah blah blah, Emelia’s beef is ok.

The tables are set and I’m living for the look. It’s black chairs with a white table cloth, black candles, little black tealight candle containers, and in the most iconic thing, a black rose in vases. It’s very much my aesthetic, and that’s the ultimate dream.

Ok, here’s my dream. So my birthday is right after Halloween, so a fancy dinner party, all black and white aesthetic, just like this table setting, down to the food even, I’m not fussy, you can get black pasta made with like squid ink. I don’t know. Anyway, that, and all my friends, and no music or anything, but everyone super dramatic and eating in a tense silence, because we know someone might die tonight. Meanwhile, here’s a big fireplace, a roaring fire inside, with a step up so once the plates have been cleared, I can walk and stand on the edge and say, “You’re probably wondering why I gathered you all here tonight.” and then I reveal a big secret.
The secret?
Well, you’ll just have to be invited to the dinner party.

(I apologise, I haven’t slept properly since Friday night, so I’m like yeah what a great paragraph, but also, is it??? Who’s to say.)

Everyone is seated, and soon service begins.


First is Emelia with Scallops with Turnip and Celeriac Cream and Fresh Apple

Emelia’s Entree

Mel kicks it off, saying it looks elegant, and then it’s a great eat.
Everyone really enjoys it.
“That has to be one of my favourite entrees this year,” Jock says.

We’re just over 40 minutes in and I really just want to go to bed.

Laura serves her first dish – Bonito with Lilly Pilly and Saltbush.

Laura’s Entree

“Pure genius,” Jock says.
Andy can’t help but rave about how she cooked the bonito. Jock calls it a fantastic Australian dish.
Mel says she’s used the Indigenous ingredients for their flavour and as seasoning, not as the garnish.


Emelia is straight onto getting everything happening. She’s got ice-cream to make goddamit!

She cuts up and crumbs her beef, worried about getting this dish up in time.

Laura is powering through the pain, also worried, but worried about Emelia and how great she is. She knows she needs to nail the main.

“I just need to not forget about the pork,” she says of the pork loin in the oven.

God I could go for some pork on my fork.

The pork is hot and Laura is aiming for medium rare, 52 degrees inside. Has she done it?

Yes, it’s at 51.8. Huzzuh for her.

“This is such a good win to have after I burnt my hand,” Laura says.

Meanwhile, Emelia is freaking out that there is a lot of unknown around her beef.

First to serve their main is Laura with her Wessex Saddleback Pork with Turnips, Muntries and Trio of Sauces.

Laura’s Main

Andy calls it a challenging plate of food but, “… in such a good way!”
Jock calls the sauce brilliant and goes over bits and pieces that he enjoys. Mel talks about the things she likes, such as the fat, and calls the muntries ‘magical’.

Next is Emelia with Beef Short Rib with Pepper and Onion.

Emelia’s Main

Andy commends her for keeping her head with that beef. It’s still moist and is well cooked, so she did everything at just the right moment.
“Never before has a meat and two veg been so magnificent,” Jock says, almost lost for words at how good it is.
Mel says Emelia’s savoury dishes are really great, like her desserts. “I think she has made the right choice to commit to making it exactly as she wanted it.”

Andy talks about how cool it is that they’re best friends but very different in how they cook.
Jock pretty much says it’ll come down to the dessert.

They get some short clips of old contestants raving about one or the other dish.


Emelia talks about the flavours she needs to balance to get the dessert just right. Nothing of concern from her.

“This is the last dish the MasterChef Judges will get from me in this kitchen ever!” she tells us, before going on to talk about Laura’s dishes.

Laura has a bit of a cry.

There’s a mysterious beeping noise and everyone runs around to see what it was. Laura realises it’s her freezer – it was left open.

Hopefully it doesn’t cause any dramas….

First is Laura with her Jerusalem Artichoke Gelato with Caramel, Crispy Sin and Cumqat Gel

Laura’s Dessert

Straight up, there’s a few issues with this dish. The gelato is icy.
Andy says it’s not as artichoke-y as he expected, but it’s not a bad thing.
Mel calls it familiar, comforting and warm.

Finally, for the last ever tasting for this season, for Laura and Emelia in the MasterChef kitchen, it’s Emelia’s dish.

She’s serving Pistachio Financier with Davidson Plum and Raspberry Sorbet and Meringue.

Emelia’s Dessert

The judges love this dish, they have nothing but good things to say about it.


The two ladies have a bit of a sob that they’re done, before it’s time for the results.

“Laura, Emelia, in a moment, one of you will finally get your hands on this amazing trophy,” Mel tells them, as well as reminding them of the rewards the winner will get.

Andy goes through the entrees, Jock the mains, and finally Mel does the desserts, saying this course decided the winner.

Mel announces Emelia the winner of MasterChef 2020!

“Are you serious?” she asks several times.

Laura and Emelia embrace, both crying.

Andy tells Laura that it was so close, so so close. Laura says she’s gutted, but she’s proud of Emelia.

I’m really getting sick of the tears, to be honest, but that might be because I’m tired, and a bit hungry. I’ve had to watch so many amazing dishes this epsiode.

Jock gives Laura $30,000 and Reynold $20,000.

Emelia hoists her trophy up high

And that’s MasterChef Aus 2020!

How crazy that it’s all over!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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