The Super Switch Aus S01E07 – Recap

So, it’s been a while since I last recapped the Super Switch (soz). Without further ado, here’s the refresh.

Ben and Christie (swapped with Tyler and Olga).

Justin and Neesha (swapped with Lachlan and Miranda).

Kendrick and Romina (swapped with Aimee and Marcus).

The beach mansion: Ben, Olga, Justin, Miranda, Kendrick and Aimee.
The city mansion: Neesha, Lachlan, Christie, Tyler, Romina and Marcus.


The couples are all away on a holiday at the moment in an attempt to strengthen their bonds.

The beach mansion are in the Northern Territory, camping in Darwin. In the last episode, they started to drive from their camping spot to another place for further bonding.
Ro threw shade at Aimee, and Marcus got really upset, so they started to have a heart to heart to clear up the misunderstanding.
Lachlan and Neesh keep crying because their real partner isn’t here.

The city mansion are living the dream in Port Douglas. It’s clear that Kendrick and Aimee haven’t had a lot of time to bond, as he keeps forgetting her name, and Aimee attributes this to the fact he sleeps outside of the bedroom every. single. night. as per Ro’s demands.
Ben is constantly the worst and a bit misogynistic.
Justin drank a lot and ruined Miranda’s sleep, so she’s really salty, but he’s not listening to why she’s mad.

Lovely voice-over lady tells us it’s the last day of being on holiday, and the couples are gonna head home soon.

Marcus confesses that he looked at this like it’d be a holiday, thinking all the problems were on Aimee, however he realised the problems Aimee had with him, the whole mansion have with him, and he’s paying more attention and now here for the right reasons.

Oof Tyler talks to Christie about how Olga doesn’t get along with his dad and step-mum, and misses out on family holidays. He hopes that from the experiment, she’ll realise he’s important enough to compromise and go along to events for his sake.
This is super awkward, because the way she’s been talking about him in the group therapy and what not, she’s realising he’s not treating her well enough and I think they’re on opposite sides of what their truth and discovery is…

He said that she said she doesn’t want them at the wedding and he wants that to change before the wedding.

This is too awkward for me right now.

Something I really enjoy about this show is the couples have to be here for the right reason. There’s no place to hide, and no way to use this as a platform to gain their fifteen minutes. They’re here to improve the relationships, and if they tried to be there for the wrong reasons, the others will call them out on it. It’s a journey for self-realisation and improvement, and with how vulnerable they are with each other, there’s no opportunity to

Neesh and Lachlan go to get some food for a group dinner tonight. They go to a water area, idk, and see Tommy, their outback guide. He has caught them some crabs, and Neesh helps wrap ’em up.

Neesh tells Lachlan about the dramas going on at home, about how her family are really sick, and she cries a bit.

Jacqui Manning comes out to talk with the group about attraction.

Look at her! What a gem.

Lachlan gets asked what attracted him to Miranda and why he’s still attracted to her.

I need to preface this by saying that in Miranda’s group therapy sessions, everyone’s concerned about her because he sounds really controlling, and she keeps defending him. Their relationship expert, Guy, has also expressed strong concern for her.

Lachlan said he’s attracted to strong women because:

‘Because i sort of feel like I can, um, comfort them and fix them.’
Uh… WTF?

The girls are not on that at all, and Christie is like, “Strong women don’t need help and don’t need fixing???? WTF???”

He continues, when he really shouldn’t.

‘Under a strong woman, there’s always vulnerability.’

What isn’t he attracted to at the moment? She doesn’t consider past events and how he’ll react to it.

There’s a quick video of when Lachlan’s like to her, “Stop talking to men,” because she’s “naive”.

Jacqui tries to voice what she’s hearing from him, and he’s like, “Nah, she’s the perfect girl.”

She then goes, ‘Well, no-one’s perfect. She’s human.’

And Christie’s going, in her personal monologue, ‘Why are you here then if you think Miranda is so perfect?’

It’s so frustrating to hear men talk about women like this, and calling a woman naive for interacting with men. I’m so impassioned about it, I’m gonna write a rant, probably.

The subject changes, and Jacqui and Ro talk about sex.

Over at Port Douglas, Ken and Aimee get a couples massage. Aimee says it’s weird because she doesn’t like getting touched, even by Marcus. It’s super boring, and Ken brings up what I’m thinking.

Marcus and Jacqui talk about sex too. He is like, ‘Yeah all the time,’ and Ro and Jacqui are like bull. He’s trying to save face and this is awkward.

Ben and Olga have a picnic, and Ben starts to get his drink on with the champagne. His alocohol intake is a bit much for Christie and Olga is like, ‘yeah, I see that.’

She asks if Christie wanted him to stop with his jokes so much, would he? He’s like, ‘Um she loves me for my jokes?!’

Jacqui gets the couples to write three things down that their real partners could do to make them feel more attractive.

It’s all pretty sad, like Tyler says Olga never calls him good-looking, Ro wants more romance and more effort, Christie wants Ben to cut down on the alcohol… and then Marcus says stop farting in bed.

The camping group do some dancing.

Each couple has a different way of “holding hands”. Ro and Marcus hold hands to dance, Tyler and Christie are doing monkey grip, and Lachlan and Neesh do finger touching.
When they swap partners, the girls keep doing what they had done, and the boys adapt.

Neesh and Lachlan talk about how they’ve bonded and how they can talk about what they need to, and Tyler is like, ‘Olga would kill me for that.’

Tyler says they’re close and intimate, the most in this house. He says they’re opening up so much to each other that it’s like they’re emotionally cheating.

Both Neesh and Lachlan get angry and upset about these “accusations”. Look, honestly, it’s what they deserve after arguing at Tyler and Christie for sharing a bed on like day two.

As usual, I write my recaps as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

The next Super Switch recap will be up tomorrow, along with a recap for MasterChef. I’m aiming to get the last eight episodes recapped and published every day for the next eight days.

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