MasterChef Aus S11E50 – Recap

It’s the first episode of the week, and that means mystery box and invention test.

The episode starts with the contestants heading over to Western Australia.

How do they come in, but helicopter, of course!

One of the girls notices the benches in Optus stadium.

Everyone files in, and wonders where the trio of judges are.

They appear on the big screens, wearing

Gaz says that one of them will get into finals week, and only one person will be going home this week.

Matt tells them to lift the mystery box lids. George calls it ‘best of the west’.

Barramundi, mini pumpkins, lamb, chilis, mandarins, goats cheese, wheat grains, and native bush mint.

“We want spectacular food,” George tells them. “Today, we’ll be tasting all the dishes, because whoever cooks the best dish will be heading into a very special challenge, where you’ll be cooking for a special spot in finals week.”

George starts the time, and the contestants run off to start cooking. Tim, Larissa, and Christina put a hat on and start going.

George and Gaz walk out to start the interigation.

“Out of curiosity,” George says to Tim, “are we ever going to taste a toastie?”
“Ah, I think the time to do that’s past,” he says, then tells us in a voiceover that he still wants to open a toastie food truck.

ANUSHKA WATCH: personal favourite, Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, looked as though she’d have a new pair of frames for each episode. For a while there, it looked like she only had a couple, but lo, she’s wearing red frames today, to match her red shirt.

I love her

Time ends, and the contestants get ready for tasting.

First to taste is Larissa.

Barramundi with Pomme Puree and Mandarin Butter Sauce

The judges love it, say its sophisticated and lovely flavours. The barra is cooked perfectly.

Next is Simon.

Roast Pumpkin with Crispy Potatoes and Wheat Bread

Matt says he loves it, but it needed more freshness. Gaz agrees and says some mandarin could have been good.

Next is Tim.

Lamb with Goat’s Cheese Gnocchi and Roast Pumpkin

The lamb is beautifully cooked, and the judges like the gnocchi.

Nicole’s up next.

Pan-fried Barramundi with Pomme Souflees and Pomme Puree

Gaz says it’s good, but the skin could be better.

Christina’s up.

Pumpkin and Mandarin Cake with Goat’s Cheese Ice-Cream

Matt says the ice-cream isn’t quite there.

It’s Tessa next.

Fish and Chips with Pumpkin and Mandarin

The judges love it and Matt calls it a potentially winning dish.

Finally, Anushka.

George calls it a ripping dish and tells her she should be proud. Gaz says there was a lot of thought with flavours, and Matt says it’s really good, a great plate.

Anushka’s really happy because she’s improved.

It’s time for the decision, and the boys walk way to decide.

Winner winner chicken dinner – Anushka has won the mystery box, and Gaz called her dish the prettiest dish she’s done throughout the contest.

George tells them that they’re doing the best Surf and Turf ever. They need at least one ingredient from each crate. They’ll have 60 minutes and an open pantry

Time starts with a classic AFL siren, and the contestants are off.

Bless Anushka, she’s standing on the sidelines cheering Nicole on as she. has dramas and a half, and starts to cry a bit.

As time ends, the contestants all breath in relief and hug each other.

It’s time to taste, and the first up is Tim.

Scallops, Pork and Apple

Matt loves the look of it, calling it pretty and delicate.
Gaz says the way he paired it back was good, and it was really tasty and hearty.
They all love it, and George calls it a true depiction of his development.

Next is Larissa.

Rib Eye with Marron, Charred Leek and Dill Hollandaise

They say it’s tasty, and well done.

Next is Christina.

Seared Beef and Scallops with Persimmon Three Ways

The judges say the persimmon is most up and centre.

Nicole’s up, and after the emotional cook, she gets grilled.

Tenderloin and Rock Lobster with Garlic Butter Sauce and Green Sauce

Gaz says it’s not a successful dish, which is a shame.
George gives her advice to step away for five minutes at the start and think about what to cook and figure it out earlier, so it doesn’t matter later.

Next is Tessa.

Lamb and Scallops with Laksa

They love it, and Gaz says it’s a brilliant dish, with a beautiful image.

“The brief was Surf and Turf 2.0, but I think this is Surf and Turf 10.0,” George tells her.

Finally, Simon.

Octopus with Veal and Radishes

Gaz says he’s delivered. George says it’s not disjointed and it’s harmonious. They all say good job.

The trio walk away for a moment to discuss the dishes, before coming back with the results. They were torn between a couple again this time, but ultimately, one cuisine will reign supreme.

Joining Anushka in the challenge for finals week is Tessa.

At this stage, I think we’ve got two, maybe three weeks left of MasterChef. I think between ten and fifteen episodes, based off previous seasons. Next week might be finals week, though, so recaps are almost over.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

I posted a MasterChef rant about Sandeep, and you can read it here. I also did a bigger rant about the rest of the season, and you can read that here.

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    1. This week they did taste all the dishes. Anushka wasn’t tasted in the invention test because she won the mystery box, but prior to this week, I think because there are so many contestants and so much food to eat, they only taste a few.


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