MasterChef Aus S11E40 – Recap

Tonight is a first day of Best of the Best Week, and we’re kicking it off with a mystery box.

Our top ten comes in, and heads to the front of the kitchen. The trio of judges, George, Gaz and Matt are waiting for them at the front.

Possibly the most normal outfit I’ve seen from Matt ever

Gaz starts to talk to them about this week

There’s been a drama at my place with the microwave. Ever since I burnt noodles in the microwave while doing a recap, it hasn’t been the same and the kitchen continues to reek of burnt. Just before this episode, my partner realised there’s a bigger issue than we thought with it and the bench, so we were talking about what to do about it all.
This means I missed most of what Gaz was saying.

I did hear him say that there’s no pressure cook this week. Today’s challenge is a mystery box, and inside are all great Australian ingredients.

Gaz tells them to go to the bench. When they lift the box, he tells them they ingredients are all the top selling Coles ingredients.

Inside is: Salmon, corriendar, onion spice, coconut cream, soda water, tomatoes, and strawberries.

As usual, they have the staples under their benches.

Time starts, and so does the montage.

Nothing of major interests happens, and I’m busy looking at microwaves.

ANUSHKA WATCH: 49 year old optical distributor, Anushka, is wearing her opaque white/cream frames today. She’s lookin’ super cute, and pairs it with a blue/green shirt.

First to taste is Anushka.

The judges really enjoy it. Her salmon is cooked perfectly.

Next is Derek.

His salmon is also perfectly cooked.

They have nothing bad to say and rave about it.

“You’ve done so much in 60 minutes,” Matt says. “Dishes like this show us that you deserve to be in the top ten.

Finally is Nicole.

George says the salmon is cooked to perfection, and the broth is amazing.

Gaz calls it absolutely good cooking.

Matt says she’s beat Derek’s broth. But there’s one thing that holds her back – Derek’s got some fried salmon, and he loves that. So he’s torn between to two.

It’s time for the decision. Matt tells everyone that they enjoyed all the food, even if they weren’t tried, they sampled throughout the cook. Each dish had something they loved.

They’re all forced back down to the front while the trio go and discuss their favourite dish. It’s down to Nicole and Derek at this stage.

Finally, they decide. It’s Nicole.

So everyone’s onto the invention test.

This time, the boys have three hidden ingredients in front of them. They are classic Australian things.

First ingredient is Vegemite.

“Who doesn’t love Vegemite?” Gaz asks.

Tati raises her hand. “I still don’t understand it, ten years later,” she says.

After disbelief, it’s time for the next ingredient – Milo.

“Who doesn’t love Milo?” one of the boys asks.

Tati starts to laugh, and no-one can believe it either.

Finally, it’s tomato sauce.

Here are the rules: 75 minutes to feature one of the iconic Australian ingredients. The pantry is open. Gaz tells them that only one will be joining Nicole.

Time starts, and everyone goes. A few acknowledge that despite the lack of elimination this week, they really want to get to that top spot.

The judges talk about what they’d do.

At one stage, Larissa trips and falls over. Derek and Tessa come over to see if she’s ok.

Derek’s making donuts, and even though it should take about 30 minutes to do a good one, he seems to be doing a really good job with it, and gets them in the deep fryer.

Oh no! Anushka’s panna cotta didn’t set!

Time ends, and there are hugs all round.

“How the hell did you manage to do brioche donuts in 75 minutes?” Larissa asks Derek.

It’s tasting time. Like usual, the ones with the logo and what the dish is will have a photo and a bit of what the judges said.

First is Tati.

I missed the photo, I’ll try and get one later.

It’s a crab and black pepper dish.

They love it and say why go to Singapore when they can have this.

Next up is Tessa.

“That’s a ripping ice-cream,” George says.

Gaz said he would love a litre of it.

Matt says it needed a little longer in the oven. It could have been the best.

After a short montage, Simon.

Oops, cut of ‘caramel’

They love it and say it’s delicious.

“That is smashing, I’m not faulting any of it,” George tells him.

Up is Ben.

He’s put a silver leaf over it so it’s like when you up a tin of Milo.

The judges love it, and call it delicious.

Up is Larissa

George calls it sensational, and Matt says it’s one of the best they’ve had.

Finally, Derek.

Matt calls it beautiful, but says it’s disappointing because there’s not enough filling.

Gaz says the ice-cream and straight milo was great.

They say overall he’s great at making it in such a short time, but says it’s not quite the best and a little let down.

It’s time for the decision.

The winner for doing the dish in an inventive way is Simon. He and Nicole are up for immunity next time.

Tomorrow, someone will be joining the two in immunity.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

I posted a MasterChef rant about Sandeep, and you can read it here.

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