MasterChef Aus S11E14 – Recap

It’s the Nigella elimination challenge, and it starts with yesterday’s losers looking sad for themselves as they climb out of their bunk beds and pack their bags.
They tell us how much they’re going to fight today, and how they’re looking forward to cooking for Nigella, etc.

They walk in, and the judges are waiting for them at the front, two shelves waiting behind them.

Gaz is wearing a blue suit with a blue shirt.
George is wearing jeans, a black jacket, and a white floral print shirt.
Nigella’s wearing a hot pink dress.
Matt is wearing a pink suit with a white shirt and blue cravat, with a matching pocket square.

The judges tell them that round one is to pick a condiment and name it. The first five to incorrectly name it will go into round two. George pulls out a knife block and makes them draw knives for the order.

The order is:

  1. Nicole
  2. Steph
  3. Blake
  4. Abbey
  5. Derek
  6. Tati
  7. Mandy
  8. Jess
  9. Christina
  10. Walleed

First out is Tati on her first go. She guessed Tabasco.
On her second go, Mandy guesses sweet mustard pickle, and is incorrect.
Jess guesses right after Mandy, and choses the same dish. She guesses piccalilli and is incorrect.
Steph is next. She knew it was horseradish and guessed it was wasabi. She’s out on her third guess.
Abbey has her third guess and thinks it’s a salsa of some kind, it was wrong.

The others are safe, leaving Tati, Mandy, Jess, Steph, and Abbey going into round two.

Gaz tells them that for round two they have to make a condiment. It’s any type of condiment and any dish. The pantry and garden are open. The worst dish will sent them home.

Time starts, and montage ensures.

Anushka is wearing white today, and black glasses.

Time is up, and it’s time for tasting.

Steph is first and presents her rice noodle rolls with hoi sin and chilli oil.
They each get a rice noodle roll.
“It’s really something that makes you feel excited,” Nigella says.
“That’s my kind of food,” Gaz says.
It’s got a lot of texture, and they all really like it. It’s delicious.
Matt says, “If we get more food like that, boom.”

Next is Jess. She’s not sure she’s done enough.
She plates her sweet potato wontons and Szechuan sauce.
“I want a condiment that’s better than what I can get in a jar,” George says.
The judges tear it apart.

Tati brings out her food, absolutely nerve wrecked.
She went with a satay chicken with satay sauce and pickled pineapple, I think. Look, I’m not sure.
They’re excied to try it, and start to divide it up.
They all love it, says it’s great.
“I’ve never met a satay I didn’t like, and here’s another one I love,” Matt says.

Next is Abbey.
My foot fell asleep and I missed her dish.
It’s chutney because she wanted to make up for missing the condiment. There’s fish as well, and a bit of tomato for each.
Nigella says she was concerned for Abbey, but it was perfectly done.
For George it was all about the condiment, but the fish was cooked perfectly.

Finally, Mandy with a peri peri chicken with beurre blanc and roast cabbage.
They first comment on the chicken being cooked.
George doen’t really like it, and the beurre blanc doesn’t add anything, or speak to the peri peri.
“A missed opportunity,” Matt says, before saying it’ll be Jess vs Mandy.

Gaz says they did a great job. He gives the top three feedback, before addressing the others.
“Jess, Mandy, it comes down to the two of you,” Matt says, before telling them the problems.

Mandy had more issues, and so she’s going home.
“You’re someone who cooks with such love,” Nigella tells her.

She’s running a blog, Love Ferments Food, working in a kitchen, and volunteering in a kitchen as well. Bless her.

Now it’s time for the Master Class, and my job here is done.


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