MasterChef Aus S11E02 – Recap

Again, not edited. Enjoy x

The episode starts with the group of grey aprons walking towards the kitchen. And of course, they’re all talking about how they need this, and how they need to do good, all that sort of stuff.

When they walk in, the white aprons applaude. I had actually forgotten about how they stand on the side and heckle and applauded a lot when they’re not cooking.

Gaz starts talking about what’s happening today – how they’ve given away most of the aprons but there’s six left. Then, he singles out Monica and asks her what it would mean to get an apron.

Monica starts to tear up and she’s like, “It’d prove that I’m the same as everyone else and that I deserve to be here, that I’m great, etc, blah blah blah.”

Matt starts to talk, but all I can think about is how he’s wearing a normal (for Matt) outfit. No weird pants, no pocket square, even his cravat is quite normal looking. It looks a bit like brown and orange static to be honest.

Anyway, he introduces the idea of having mentors, not just for today, but forever within this season.

All the aprons ooh and aah.

“Please welcome your mentors for 2019,” Matt says, and the door opens.

The first one is Poh, the runner up from season one.

Then Billie the winner of season seven, who got a job from Heston at the end.

And then Matt, who was runner up of season eight.

Everyone claps and freaks out, Larissa is like crushing hard on Matt.

The trio of judges interview the mentors a bit.

Poh talks about what she’s been doing since running up and how it opened so many doors.

Billie talks about working at the Fat Duck and realising that she wants to do home cooking.

Matt talks about how everything’s changed, blah blah blah, I stopped paying attention to be honest.

Oh, and Poh called the trio of judges her Food Dads, and I was like big mood honestly I’m here for it. That would be me.

The trio start talking again about the mentors and how one of them will be there for immunity challenges.

Then, they talk about the challenge.

Behind the judges and mentors are three large displays. They’re the pantries for the challenge. Each chosen by one of the mentors.

Poh has stuff for desserts; Matt’s is described as things you’d find in a market in Bangkok or Bali; Billie is farm style foods.

Gaz, George and Matt tell them they will have 75 minutes, and it’s a blind tasting, so they head away to chill, drink some wine, and talk about why Gaz wearing a cravat would be impending on Matt’s fashion niche.

Poh tells the grey aprons when time starts and they all get going.

Sandeep goes for Matt’s pantry, and we get a sad flashback. He talks about his family in India, the sad drama, and how he learnt to cook to help his family.

He doesn’t have all the spices he needs for his curry though, so he’s freaking out a bit.

In the background, Anushka starts to heckle, and I’m like, “Ok, Anushka, I love you, but also I hate your heckles.”

Sandeep starts talking about how his cooking is a metaphor and I’m not really feeling that.

Ugh, honestly, It’s mostly montages, Poh and Matt, and Billie are walking around looking at food.

Then the Koala guy. That’s Matt, but in the audition he made eucalyptus ice-cream or something and the judges couldn’t taste the flavour, and I’m like why are you making them eat eucalyptus?? So he’s the koala guy now.

Anyway, he really wants to knock them out with his flavour and has like three or more flavours. Poh and Matt are like, you sure?? And he’s like yeah it all goes together. They remind him to taste it and leave.

Leah (not Lia or Leaha) starts talking about how there’s no tequila from Poh.

I’m getting bored, I’ve got a headache, and I don’t really care about the cooking at this stage.

Billie is walking on her own, but she doesn’t actually look like she wants to be there. I think maybe someone pulled out last minute and she had some spare time so she’s like, “Sure, I’ll be on for a bit.”

Matt is trying to emulate George, and yells out stuff like, “We’re on the home stretch of it guys, let’s go!”

There’s more cooking, and I’m getting done with it.

Matt is REALLY gunning for George’s job at this stage.

Finally, they start to count down, and then cheer.

Sandeep stats to cry about how it’s been a long journey and he wants everyone to be proud of him.

Larissa, the one who’s foundation is a bit too dark for her face, hasn’t made three pancakes, just one. Ruh roh!

The trio of judges arrive again and Gaz starts talking.

Blah blah blah.

Then, it’s time for the blind tasting, so Billie, Matt and Poh take turns getting a food and bringing it to the trio.

They keep a poker face and don’t give feedback.

They get to Dee’s, they scoff it down, and then give her an apron straight away, they absolutely love it and they’re so here for it.

I’m happy for her, she’s a cutie, and I love her smile.

Anushka gets a little bit of screen time (seconds), and she has matched her glasses today. It’s a clear frame. It doesn’t matter, but I will be keeping an eye on her glasses lmao.

So everyone hugs Dee and congratulate her.

George wants to go in for seconds, even though it’s practically raining for him – the amount of sweat on his head gets a pretty decent close up.

It’s just a montage of eating again until the last one.

Here’s the long of the short of it:

Larissa is in.

Sandeep is in.

Christina is in.

Monica is in.

And then there’s one apron left.

There’s a few grey aprons that we’ve heard from a bit already, so it’s like, oh who will get in? it could be any of these bad bitches.

Finally, Leah gets it.

Koala guy is disappointed as he stands with the losers.

It’s noted that her food went from being wanky to being homely.

The losers are clapped out, and Koala says that the experience has confirmed he wants to do this for the rest of his life.


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