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The Super Switch Aus S01E03 – Recap

Last we saw the couples, they had just separated into two mansions and paired with a like minded stranger.

Here’s a reminder for us all, because it’s been a week.

Ben and Christie (swapped with Tyler and Olga).
Justin and Neesha (swapped with Lachlan and Miranda).
Kendrick and Romina (swapped with Aimee and Marcus).

The beach mansion: Ben, Olga, Justin, Miranda, Kendrick and Aimee.

The city mansion: Neesha, Lachlan, Christie, Tyler, Romina and Marcus.

So last week ended with Christie and Tyler defend themselves against Lachlan and Neesha. Neesh and Lachlan are attacking them for sharing a bed, and comparing it to cheating.

And now, we’re continuing their assault. Meanwhile, Marcus and Ro are sitting there being awkward as it’s getting a yelling.

Neesh is taking things way out of proportion. Tyler says, “There are plenty of fish in the sea,” and tries to continue saying that if his partner cheats, he’d be sad but move on. And then Lachlan is saying that’s super disrespectful.

For some reason, Neesh starts to cry.

Christie’s like, “Why are you crying? We’re not saying anything about you.”

And then Neesh is like, “Um we haven’t attacked you, you’re attacking me now.”

It’s honestly wild. While I get that Lachlan and Neesh just don’t understand the other’s perspective, they’re being terrible about it, and causing unnecessary dramas.

The table goes quiet.

The next day, Marcus and Tyler hang out and talk about the sitch.

Neesh and Lachlan, meanwhile, are doing facials. She’s glad they held their morals, and they can talk to each other about what’s going on. They get along super well.

Tyler talks about how Neesh and Lachlan get along very well, and if anything, they’re more intimate than he and Christie.
Christie says that if Miranda could see how close Neesh and Lachlan are, she wouldn’t be happy.

So it’s time for therapy. At the beach mansion, the relationship coach, Guy, is there with the tapes of their interactions with their real partner.

Olga’s first. Her clip is her and Tyler in the car talking about how he lets women talk to him. It’s a longer clip about how he doesn’t spend enough time with her, etc.
She got to see how she’s demanding and what not, but then see’s how he says things like, “I’m building a life and you can be a part of this.” That annoys a lot of the couples there, and they all sympathise with her.

Her reaction is being angry, not missing him, seeing how he treats and talks to her in the clip.

Next is Aimee. Her clip is her and Marcus in bed, and he’s sounding super whiny. She tells him to go home, and he packs a bag.

Guy talks to her about her reactions to what Marcus says.
Aimee says she feels that the dog takes precedent, followed by the boys, and then her. Olga fully agrees and sympathises.

“Here’s the vagina talking again,” Tyler says. “He doesn’t talk to her so she kicks him out?”

Miranda is up next. Her clip is her and Lachlan at a cafe talking about how he thinks she’s naive about men’s intention towards her.

Guy’s worried because she sees Lachlan’s controlling behaviour as loving, when it’s more restrictive and not very healthy.

“It seems like Lachy’s actually blaming you,” Guy says.

“I dunno, I know we both fully trust each other,” Miranda says.

Guy does not agree at all.

Everyone agrees with Guy that this is not good and no right behaviour, and not healthy.

This is wild, and honestly I’m really glad that they get this chance to analyse their relationships.

She tries to block it out and not think about it.

Outside, Aimee is thinking about what was said. She reveals to Kendrick and Ben that Marcus has cheated on her in the past, and was sending messages to another girl, so they broke up for a bit.

Meanwhile, Olga, Miranda and Justin are talking about Tyler. They’re really validating her feelings, pretty much. She says that if they were in Canada, they’d probably have already broken up.

Look, I really want to avoid a play by play, but that’s just kinda how it’s going, not gonna lie.

Ro is saying that she’s getting a bit annoyed with Marcus because he makes jokes of things that aren’t funny, and they’re not getting along as well now. She’s feeling a bit lonely.

Jaqui is here for their therapy.

First is Lachlan. It’s the same clip as Miranda’s.
His refelction is that it comes across as trying to tell her not to have fun, and coming across as controlling. Again, he turns it around on her and is pretty much like, “Well she’s being too friendly, etc.” Neesh is shocked, and the women agree that it’s not good for him to say that sort of stuff.

It’s Tyler’s turn, and again, same clip as Olga.

He feels guilty and embarrased from seeing it.
Christie is like, “I would’ve punched you in the face. I thought it was a bit rude.”
Lachlan refers back to the whole ‘there are other fish in the sea’ comment from dinner.

Next is Marcus. During the clip, he leans over and ruffles Aimee’s hair, saying, “I can give you the same attention I give her [the dog].” Aime says, “Don’t,” and brushed his hand away.
In therapy, he laughs and points at the screen, glancing at everyone else. No-one is amused.
At the end of the the clip, he points at it again and say, “Aimee’s real, guys.” Again, no-one even smiles.
Jaqui asks if this is a daily occurance, and he says yes.
Ro says, “I see where she’s coming from,” before saying that he makes everything a joke, there’s no serious time, and it really annoys her.
Everyone pitches in and agrees it’s annoying.

“No-one came to me, but now in a group setting they’re all coming at me,” Marcus says, getting angry and defensive.

After the therapy session, Marcus reflects on it all and feels hurt about the comments.

Everyone sits down outside that night, and everyone can tell that Marcus is a bit off. They encourage him to talk, saying they’re all here to improve themselves as well as the relationship.

It ends up being another therapy session, and she tells him what he could improve. Infuriated, he gets up and walks out.

He heads up stairs and started packing his bags. Wow, this is a bit of a reminisce of his therapy clip tbh.

Marcus heads downstairs, and everyone’s like what are you doing? He calls the popo.

Everyone’s like why are you doing this? Tyler says he’s ruining the experience for everyone in the house right now, and they call him childish.

That’s the end of the episode, and I’m honestly wishing it’s next Wednesday already!

As usual, I write my recaps as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

The Super Switch will be back next Wednesday. In the meantime, why don’t you check out some MasterChef?

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MasterChef Aus S11E38 – Recap

Tonight is the Sweet Week immunity challenge.

As part of yesterday’s immunity challenge rewards, Tim is sitting out the team challenge and is automatically in the top ten.

The contestants come into the kitchen to find it set up differently than usual.

Standing at the front waiting for them is the trio of judges, Matt, George and Gaz.

Matt starts to tell them about what’s going on for this challenge. At the beginning, they’ll get to go to the pantry together, plan the dish together, everything like a usual team challenge, until it’s time to cook. They’ll be separated from their partner, and the only way to communicate will be to yell at each other.

Their desserts will have to be identical in every way – plating, taste, colour, etc.

George gives them a bag and they all pull out an apron from there.

Gaz gets to some more nitty gritty. They’ll have 75 minutes. The top two teams are safe and into the top 10, joining Tim, and the rest are in tomorrow’s elimination challenge. They’ll only get to go to the pantry once.

The teams are:
Ben and Larissa (blue)
Anushka and Derek (yellow)
Tati and Tessa (green)
Nicole and Christina (red)
Sandeep and Simon (purple)

Montage and time start at the same time.

Christina is making caramel, and suddenly it starts smoking.

ANUSHKA WATCH: One of my favourites, and teammate of Derek, Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing black glasses.

It’s really weird to see one person standing upstairs during such a loud challenge. Tim doesn’t really have anything to do, so he’s standing there alone, occasionally talking to people.

Anushka and Derek are having a drama and a half with communicating, even though she’s yelling sooo loud. She plates praline, not sure if Derek did it or not. So good luck to my two favourites.

Finally, time is up, and they cover their dishes.

The tasting is set up at the front of the front of the room, the trio sitting down for it.

First is Ben and Larissa.

They’ve made a basil panna cotta with a strawberry compote, a raspberry shard, with a plum sorbert.

Ben left, Larissa right

It looks pretty similar, except for a couple of colours and Ben added a shard.

The tasting starts, and George talks straight away about how Larissa’s colour is bolder and brighter.

Gaz says the idea to dice the strawberries so they’re just scooped around the side was smart.

Matt agrees and says it was all very smart. Gaz says the only difference for him is the sorbet. George says it’s coming down to little things.

Next is Derek and Anushka.

They’ve made a chocolate mousse with black salt, raspberry sorbet, shards, and hazelnut praline.

Anuska left, Derek right

Matt said she was a boss and it was great to see.

They reveal their dishes and they’re almost perfect, except for the size of the shards. Anuska’s look so big, and Derek’s are small.

“That’s not six by eight,” Derek mutters to Anushka, before they’re told to go away.

Gaz says it’s pretty good, George does a break down of colour of each element, and they’re pretty much identical in that respect.

When they taste, the trio say they’re pretty much different dishes. I’m very upset for my faves.

Next is Tessa and Tati.

They’ve made a jasmine tea creme brulee with short bread.

When they uncover their dish, the biscuits are very different sizes – Tati’s broke

Matt says it’s a simple dish, but “Any differences really stands out.”

The judges agree that they’re very different dishes. Matt says it’s Tati’s brulee that really makes the dish bad for him.

Nicole and Christina are up next.

“Nicole and I, we’re pretty much the same.

Cooked is a brandy spice apple tart with a crumble.

“Brandy mascarpone,” Christina clarifies.

Christina left, Nicole right

The dishes are revealed – almost identical. Taste wise, pretty much the same.

It’s a tasty dish, and they’ve very similar.

Finally, Sandeep and Simon.

They’ve made an eton mess. This could be a mess, as it’ll be hard to make them identical. I did hear yells of, “Two strawberries,” and their co-ordinates, so maybe it’ll be ok.

Simon and Sandeep reveal their dishes.

Both of them are happy with the result.

Gaz asks if it’s close, Matt says, “Not really,” and points at different things.

They’re actually both different. George says the only thing that’s the same is the berries.

It’s time for the results.

First safe and in the top ten is Nicole and Christina. Second is Larissa and Ben.

That means Sandeep, Simon, Tessa, Tati, Anushka and Derek are in the elimination challenge. One of them will be going home tomorrow.

I’m sad because pretty much all my favourites at this point are in tomorrows elimination, but this is also what happens when they bring someone back – two eliminated in one week.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S11E37 – Recap

Tonight is the Sweet Week immunity challenge, and Tim, Anushka, Larissa and Ben are competing against each other. One of them will face the guest chef and vie for the all important immunity pin.

The contestants come in to see the trio of judges, Gaz, George, and Matt, as well as today’s mentor, Poh.

Poh always looks awesome

George tells them that today, the winner of round one gets to miss out on tomorrow’s team challenge, which means they avoid elimination, and automatically be one of the top ten.

Once the stakes have been layed, Matt starts to tell them about today’s challenge.

“Today’s round one is one of life’s greatest pleasures – eating ice-cream in a cone,” he tells them.

He goes on about what makes a good cone.

“We want to ultimate cone,” Matt says. “But we want one cone each.”

He tells them the cones and ice-cream have to be made from scratch. They’ll have 75 minutes, open pantry, and the garden in play. He reminds them of the stakes, and starts the time.

Montage begins as well.

ANUSHKA WATCH: The 49 year old optical distributor, Anushka, one of my faves, is wearing red frames and a matching red shirt.

Tim says he is going to make a chocolate popcorn flavoured ice-cream. He’s inspired by the first time he and his wife went to the movies. She dumped her Maltesers into the popcorn and called it ‘choc-corn’.
It’s not that this doesn’t sound appealing to me, but I won’t be trying this move with popcorn that I buy.

Finally, the montage is over.

Anuska is first to be tasted.

Matt likes everything, George calls it a ripper. Poh compliments it. Gaz says one negative is the shapes, but calls it a winner.

Next is Ben.

Matt loves the flavours, as does Gaz, who likes that you can taste the whiskey. George says in terms of the cannoli, Anushka did it better. Poh liked the cone though.

Larissa is next.

Gaz says they’re not enough fig leaf. George says a fig leaf sauce would be good in it. Matt calls the cone ‘vanilla’ and Poh agrees, saying it’s a bit ‘mono’ – there’s nothing exciting going on.

Finally, Tim “T-Bone”.

As soon as they hear the name, they love it. When they pick it up, Gaz is living for the weight and amount of ice-cream. They cut it open to see what’s secret and they love it.

Poh says she can’t fault it. Overall they love it. I’m a bit disappointed, I really wanted Tim to leave soon… for the second time.

It’s results time, and it’s pretty obvious who they love. The judges huddled at the back to decide, before declaring the winner.

No surprise, it’s Tim. Yay. Poh helps Tim change into his chef jacket.

Matt talks about who the guest chef is for today – Alice Wright.

They go over the usual rules – Alice gets 60 minutes, Tim 75, Tim chooses the ingredient and Alice doesn’t know what it is until it’s time for her to cook.

She leaves, and Gaz and George reveal what the ingredient to hero is.

I’m nuts for these reveals

Tim has to choose a nut, and finally settles on walnuts.

Time starts as does the montage. Eventually Alice gets to start to cook.

I’ll talk about this later in my upcoming ‘MasterChef Rant’, but there was a moment where Tim said, “I won’t go easy on her,” and laughed a bit, and I thought, “If the editing hadn’t focused so heavily on Tim from the beginning of this season, I’d probably care that he came back into the contest, and would care about if he gets an immunity pin or not.
Instead, I’m barely a viewer of the show right now.

Tim starts to have some dramas with his biscuit base. It’s crumbly like sand, and he says it’s too much butter. He puts it in the blast chiller, hoping it’ll help.

Finally, montage and cooking ends, and it’s time to taste.

First to be tasted is Alice.

They inspect all the elements before George breaks it up to plate.

There’s a lot of eating noises too.

George says he likes the crunch in the apple. Matt calls one of the elements perfect. Gaz likes it.

Last thing to be eaten today is Tim’s dish.

The trio again speculate as to what each element is.

George says he wants something that just pulls it all together. Matt says any syrup is taken away by the buttery biscuit.

Finally, it’s time for the scores.

Tim: Matt 6. George 6. Gaz 7. Total 19.

Before scoring Alice, Gaz reminds her that last time she was in a cook off in MasterChef she only scored 18.

Alice: Gaz 9. George 9. Matt 8. Total 26.

Alice is the winner today, which means no pin for Tim. He does miss tomorrow’s team challenge, skips the chance of being in elimination, and is in the top ten. So good for him.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S11E36 – Recap

It’s the elimination challenge for Sweet Week, and the losers of the invention test, Derek, Steph and Simon, have just finished their last cook, and straight away it’s time for their elimination.

The boys are still in yesterday’s outfit

George tells them that this is a two day pressure test, before handing them their black aprons.

“Perfection just can’t be rushed,” Matt says.

Hot Tip: This is the first time a pressure test/elimination challenge has gone on over two days. Johnson Leung compared it to the Amazing Race, where they finish a leg, only to be told the next leg starts straight away. Thanks for the tip, and the awesome analogy, Johnson!

The guest chef is Kate Reid, and she’s got something spectacular, probably a croissant of some kind.

She unveils her dish…

The Lune croissant dough recipe is top secret, so they’re given the dough. And the judges don’t want just one croissant, they want four.

The losers have 90 minutes to prepare their croissant for the proving oven.

With time starting, so does the montage.

Steph is feeling a bit overwhelmed all but straight away. I really want her to do well, she’s such a blessing.

They’re using this laminate machine thing, idk, that smooths down the dough, I think.

Derek demonstrates the cool machine

There’s the first mistake of the cook. Derek did a second book fold instead of a letter fold. Kate tells him that it’ll be difficult to fix this. Because of this error, the croissant’s might not rise properly over night, and so even if he does amazing tomorrow, it might not be enough if his croissant is bad.

Finally, time is up. Everyone got their croissant’s in the prover, and they’re told to head home and get ready for tomorrow’s cook.

Derek is really upset about this, and he starts to cry a bit. Oh no!

After a quick little montage, everyone’s rolling back up in the black cars.

The trio of judges and Kate are waiting for Steph, Simon and Derek when they return.

No time to dwell on Matt’s amazing suit, it’s cooking time!

Gaz tells them they’ve got two hours and 45 minutes, and that starts time.

Utter relief, as Derek brings his out to find they rose – his prayers have been answered! I’m very relieved for him.

It’s really weird to see how croissant’s are made. I love to eat them, especially with some ham, cheese and tomato, and toasted. I’m really feeling a croissant now… I wonder if my local maccas do them?

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, and one of my personal favourites, is looking super cute today. She’s wearing yellow frames with a black legs. These might be yesterday’s, actually… I know, it’s ridiculous to expect, nay hope, that Anushka has a different frame for every day, but I can dream.

Ben and Anushka watch in horror as Steph has dramas with her mousse

Steph has a few issues with her mousse, and she has to redo it.

Meanwhile, Simon’s fine, and I’m dissapointed, to be honest. I don’t really like him (reasons to be revealed in a future ‘Rant’ post), so I’d rather that he has the dramas, rather than Steph, who I love, and Derek, who’s one of my favourites.

So, in the recipe, they have to cut the croissant in half, put their jam and frangipane on it, and put it back in the oven. Derek and Simon both put the lid and the bottom in separately, so the chocolate gets to cook. Steph cooked them together, and now has to pry them apart. She sees the chocolate didn’t harden up, so she’s thrown the bottoms into the blast chiller in a desperate attempt to get the chocolate set.

Finally, time is up, and there’s a group hug from the elimination challengers.

Derek’s really not sure if he’s safe, and worried about the fold. He also didn’t get the tempered chocolate on his croissants, and hopes that doesn’t get him out.

Steph is really disappointed and hopes that her cooking blunder doesn’t send her home.

“It’s not over til they say my name, right?” she says, with a wink.

It’s time to taste, and the first croissant is coming in – Simon’s up.

“That croissant maks me feel good,” Gaz says.

They all say qualities they like, and call it yum.

“I’m in food heaven,” George says.

Kate calls the layers gorgeous.

Next is Steph.

With a few sniffles, Steph says she never gives up.

“Yes, that’s something we have seen,” Matt says, telling her it’s something they admire.

Then, it’s time to taste.

They acknowledge the frangipane is raw and it’s like eating uncooked cake mix.

Finally, Derek. He’s worried about the lack of tempered chocolate, and that he messed up the fold yesterday.

Derek tells the judges that it frustrated him, and he was disappointed in himself for the lack of attention to detail, which he prides himself on.

When they open it up, they can see the pastry is quite dense, as result of the fold.

Kate says it doesn’t have the same shatter-y texture.

George says it was a good idea to keep the tempered chocolate off.

They call the flavours delicious, and say he did a good job on construction.

Kate says other than the missing element, it was well constructed and looks decedent.

The judges are straight up and tell Steph the frangipane was undercooked, which is why she’s out.

Steph gets her montage, and they tell her she’s a ray of sunshine.

She says that for the first time in her 46 years, she has truely been herself. Steph has completely become who she is here. She’s happy that she can now be herself and she’s so proud of herself for that.

Ok, quickly, we need to talk about Matt’s cravat. I know I called yesterday’s outfit quite velvety looking, but look at this!

Where Are They Now? Steph is planning a cooking tour of India. She’s also started a website, Spicy Steph, which you can find here. It’s currently under construction, but you can find her social media around it.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S11E35 – Recap

The contestants come in to see their benches set up with Mystery Boxes.

Standing at the front is the trio of judges – Gaz, George, and Matt.

Matt’s looking pretty velvet.

Gaz tells everyone it’s ‘Sweet Week’, and everyone’s pretty excited.

Matt starts to introduce today’s guest chef.

Then, my favourite chef, right ahead of Gordon Ramsey, walks in.

Heston has jeans on, like George

Everyone’s cheering and so excited to see him here. Knowing Heston’s involved, they’re getting pretty pumped for the mystery box now.

Heston tells them they can open the boxes.

The first thing that happens is the lollies come falling out.

Behind all the lollies are basically the real ingredient version of the lollies. So there are raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, a bottle of cola, bananas, mint, and chocolate. I think that’s it.


Inside their usual staples are a couple of extra things, like icing sugar and gelatine to help create amazing things.

Gaz tells them the rules. Today, the top three will be tasted, the winner into immunity challenge. They’ve got 60 minutes, I think, to do something cool.

Time starts, as does the montage.

Just after time ends, Derek’s dish falls over because it was too hot.

First to taste is Steph.

They love the flavour, the brandy snap is a perfect crack, and the judges enjoy it.

George loves the little cola sauce, and said it had a great texture.

Next up is Tessa.

Matt enjoyed it said the dish would have been much better if she focused on one ice-cream.

Heston said it became a bit muddled.

The last dish of the mystery box belongs to Larissa.

Heston says wouldn’t normally like the panna cotta, but he loves the whole combination.

“That’s a cracking dessert,” George says. “Well done.”

All up, they all love the dessert, and Matt makes her get some honey comb for Heston to take away, a parrallel of what he does at the Fat Duck.

Straight up, she’s won the mystery box, into the immunity, and heading upstairs to watch the losers below.

Gaz says it’s time for the invention test.

“Today we want you to think inside of the box,” Gaz tells them.

It’s all about cereal. They want a sweet dish in a creative way.

For this challenge, they’ll have 75 minutes for one sweet dish. The pantry’s open and the garden in play. Each dish will be tried, but the top 3 will go into immunity, bottom three into elimination.

Heston starts the time, and montage begins.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Fan favourite, or at least one of mine, Anushka the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing gold frames with black legs. She’s rockin’ the gold and her yellow shirt. What an icon.

Tim seems to be having a hard time, and I’m really hoping his dish is terrible so he’s in elimination. The sooner he’s out, the better.

Simon is having problems with his tart. Frankly, I’m having problems with him, so…

Time is up, and it’s tasting time.

Gaz reminds them of the stakes – top three with Larissa, bottom three in elimination.

Like every time everyone gets tasted, I’ll only have a photo and discuss the ones that get the logo on their dish.

First to taste today is Ben.

The judges really enjoy it. Gaz gives it a big thumbs up.

Next is Derek.

Derek’s worried that the ice-cream isn’t solid anymore.

Oh no! They cut it open, and it’ melted.

“Bottom three beacons,” Matt says.

“Anushka, please,” Matt calls out, like some kind of ageing soap star.

They all heavily enjoy it, and Anushka is pleased.

Next is Steph.

Steph is worried that it doesn’t look good, and hopes the flavours will hold.

She pours the top and Matt says, “Oh, yeah.”

The judges don’t really like it, and say there’s a lot more she could have done with the raspberries.

She heads back and says it looks like she’s headed to trouble town too.

After a short montage is Simon.

I think he’s left the little metal plate at the bottom of the tart, so George is trying to cut into it, but it looks like he’s having some dramas. Finally, he figures it out, and asks George why he didn’t say anything.

“Nervous,” he says.

They taste and call it a mess.

Finally, it’s Tim.

I forgot about Tim, hopefully he can save either Steph or Derek from elimination.

They all call it delicious, and I’m highly disappointed.

It’s time to find out who’s in the immunity challenge.

Ben, Tim and Anushka are joining Larissa.

I’m really happy Anushka and Ben are in for immunity, but I just really want Tim gone again.

Now, it’s those facing elimination.

Derek, Steph and Simon.

Derek and Steph are two of my favourites, and after something Simon said the other day to Tati, I really want him, as well as Tim, out.

They thank Heston for coming, and he waves as he leaves.

Gaz gives them words of inspiration before saying, “The pressure test starts right now.”

It’ll be a two day pressure test, and we’ll get to watch it tomorrow.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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There can only be one – Drabble

I never know what to do with myself on a non-MasterChef night, but today I decided to write a very short story.

She stood at the end of the bed, glaring down at the sleeping woman, Katrina. Slinking around, she held a knife tightly in her hands.

Katrina began to stir, before slowly opening her eyes. She looked right at the other woman.

“Morning. How’d you sleep?” Katrina asked.

“There’s something you should know,” the woman said. Before Katrina could speculate, she continued. “My name isn’t Nora. It’s Katrina as well.”

Katrina sat up. “Ha, same name. I’ve always wanted to bang someone with the same name as me.”

Ignoring her, other Katrina said, “There can only be one.”

She pulled the knife from behind her back.

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MasterChef Aus S11E34 – Recap

It’s the Maggie Beer elimination challenge, and the losers of yesterday’s picnic at hanging rock team challenge are hoping to stay in the contest.

Abbey, Larissa, Tati, Simon, Anushka and Christina are wearing their chef blacks today. As Sandeep hurt his back and didn’t compete yesterday, he’s also up for elimination.

Unlike previous eliminations, when they come to the MasterChef kitchen, they find everyone waiting for them outside.

The trio of judges, Gaz, George and Matt, along with Maggie Beer

Before George tells them what’s happening today, Gaz asks Sandeep if he wants to use his pin today and get out of elimination.

Sandeep doesn’t really want to use the pin, but he had an injury involving a disc in his lower back. He couldn’t walk, so he didn’t compete yesterday, and so today, he decides to use his pin. With his recovery, it’s best that Sandeep doesn’t compete today, and I’m really happy he chose to sit it out.
He goes and stands with yesterday’s winners.

Hot Tip: Johnson Leung tweeted about Sandeep. He posted on Instagram yesterday about a bad day, with what appears to be a bitmoji. Thanks for the tip, Johnson!

Once that’s all decided and talked about, George gets into the deets.

Round one, they need to cook a dish which heros one of the garden ingredients, focusing on herbs. The three best dishes are safe, and the other three go into round two.

The montage starts, and time begins.

Abbey keeps getting monologues. Clearly, she’s a producers favourite, but her voice is annoying, and I’m sick of hearing her talk. I don’t dislike her, I’m just sick of hearing from her. They keep excluding people like Walleed so they we have to hear more from Abbey. In fact, anyone from a cultural and/or linguistically diverse background is heard less.
Yes, I’m still incredibly salty about Walleed.

Anyway, time finally ends, and it’s time to taste.

Ugh, I missed Simon’s dish. He made prawns with taragon and parsley.

Maggie calls it summery. Matt says he didn’t feature the herb, he heroed it.

Next is Anushka.

Maggie says it’s fantastic for the time she had. She had nothing but good things to say.

Up is Abbey.

The pork is a bit pink, Gaz calls it inconsistant and says some people would send it back to the kitchen. She’s on the edge and unless the others completely flop, she’ll probably be in, I reckon.

Christina is up.

George says the pastry is undercooked, and it’s not a good dessert. You can tell she’ll be in round two.

Up is Tati.

The inside

It sounds like it’s too hot for Maggie…

Gaz calls it yummy and a celebration of the garden. Maggie says that once the chilli hits, it’s too much, but she loves the flavours before then. Tati apologises, but Maggie has none of that.

Next is Larissa.

Larissa had a few dramas in the cook, and it ended up as a 10 minute challenge. The prawns are raw. George says you can see the panic in it.

It’s time for the verdict.

Gaz says there were two dishes they absolutely love: Tati and Simon. The final safe dish came down to Maggie’s love of the ice-cream – Anushka’s safe.

That means Abbey, Larissa and Christina are into round two. George tells them to follow the trio of judges and Maggie into the kitchen.

So it’s the same rules as last round, but they have to focus on spices. It’s a 60 minute cook, sweet or savoury.

While time starts, and the montage, it’s time for my favourite part of a MasterChef recap.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, who is safe for today, is wearing her elimination glasses.

Anushka and Nicole watch from upstairs and judge their loser counterparts

All this cooking makes me want to create some instant chicken noodles. Unfortunately, I’m no longer trusted with noodles and the microwave anymore.
OMG, I just saw an ad about jaffles and I would throw my phone over the balcony for a jaffle right now.

Matt manages to link Spice Girls to the cook. Inspirational.

. @MattsCravat + Spice Girls reference = PERFECTION 🙌 #MasterChefAU— #MasterChefAU (@masterchefau) June 13, 2019

Short Matt video with the Spice Girl sitch.

Finally, time is up, and we keep hearing from Abbey because she’s stressed and not sure if she’s done a good job.

Now, it’s time for the tasting.

First up is Christina, she said this is something she cooks at home, and it’s a happy cook.

Aww poor Maggie can’t handle her chilli.

Gaz calls it yum. George says it’s one of the best she’s cooked so far in the competition.

“She knew what she was doing, and she went for it,” Maggie said.

Matt talks about how she took so much care, and it was a delicious plate of food.

Next up is Larissa.

She confesses that she feels like she’s just surviving and not thriving, like everyone else, and so she’s a bit worried moving on. Maggie offers her advice – follow your intuition.

George plates up.

Maggie says she likes the ginger cake and the custard, but feels like it’s too little.

“There’s no joy on the plate,” Matt says. “It’s all a bit meagre.”

“At least it’s got some flavour,” Gaz says.

“If you didn’t know it was a ginger cake,” Matt says, “you wouldn’t have picked it.”

Finally, Abbey.

Abbey is shook by the idea of leaving MasterChef.

Like with Larissa, Maggie offers a bit of advice.

As George plates up, Maggie slides her glasses on.

“The spices aren’t showing through like I thought they would,” Maggie says.

“It’s very fat, and not clean and delicious,” George says.

They discuss how the food isn’t good, and what’s wrong with it.

“It’s sad,” Matt says.

All the tasting is done and dusted, and we’re ready for the verdict.

Matt says that Christina really knocked it out the park today, so she’s safe and into the top 12.

It’s down to Abbey and Larissa.

Larissa’s cake was light and moist, and the custard delicious, that means she’s safe.

Abbey is out. Honestly, I’m relieved.

Where are they now? Abbey has done work experience and is working on her own recipes.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S11E33 – Recap

Tonight, the contestants are wheeled out on an excursion to the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, the location of Joan Lindsay’s novel, and Australian film of the same title, ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, the one where the schoolgirls go missing.

As the contestants walk to the judges, they talk about the rock. Nicole says she hopes no-one goes missing today.

When they come in, they see all the picnic blankets, and start to speculate about what they’ll be doing today.

The trio of judges, Gaz, George and Matt, are waiting for them to arrive.

Gaz first tells Tessa that she’s the third person in MasterChef Australia history to win two immunity pins. The only other pin in play at the moment belongs to Sandeep.

Unfortunately, Sandeep has a back injury and won’t be able to compete in the challenge.

“He is automatically in the elimination with the losers of today’s challenge,” Gaz says.

Like, I guess, it just seems a bit unfair to me. But MasterChef hasn’t been very fair since Friday, so go off I guess.
Yes, I’m still salty about Walleed (see recap of ep 31).

Anyway, today, they’ll be doing, “nothing more iconic than a picnic right here,” Matt says.

But they need a guide, and one appears out of nowhere – Maggie Beer!

Maggie appears and comes straight over to hug the trio.

To choose teams, Maggie comes around with a sack and tells them to pull out an apron.

The green team: Derek (captain), Steph, Tessa, Tim, Nicole, Ben.

The red team: Anushka (captain), Simon, Larissa, Abbey, Christina, Tati.

Our teams will be serving 100 people each, to be served in 25 baskets. Each one must include sandwiches, salad, another savoury item, a dip with things to dunk in, and a sweet treat for four people. They’ll have 3 hours before serving.

“Make it so full of flavour that the guests will fight for it,” Maggie tells them, before time starts.

Everyone runs off and starts planning the food. Montage starts.

ANUSHKA WATCH: Today, Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing her cream/translucent frames, and a cute black and white striped top.

I always forget the height difference between Anushka and Matt.

Anushka tells Maggie about how she arrived in Australia in 2001, she didn’t know any English. She used to watch Maggie’s cooking shows because she could understand what was going on. “So thank you,” she says to Maggie.

With 15 minutes left, 200 people file in.

Red is stressed, and they’ll be late.
“There’s no doubt about it,” Gaz tells them.

Derek is doing an amazing job as captain for the green team.

Simon has become more of the captain than Anushka. He complains about her leadership. Like when Walleed was the captain, it’s a difficult task, and it’s a major learning curve. I stand by Anushka ❤

Green team has all their baskets out, and red is only just sort of starting.

That means green is first to be tasted.

The green team have made chicken waldorf salad sandwiches, quiche, chocolate brownies, hommus and flat bread, and caprese salad.

“Good quiche,” Gaz says.

“Good cheesy flavour,” Maggie says.

They go through each of the elements and love them all.

There’s a lot of, ‘Mm!’

Maggie and the trio love everything, and then comment on Derek’s leadership, saying it was well organised and he did a great job.

Red team is ready to get baskets OUT!

It’s time for their tasting.

They’ve made hommus and lavosh crackers, frittata, carrot cake, beef sandwich, and fig salad.

“It doesn’t look too bad,” Gaz says, taking everything out of the basket.

They like the lavosh crackers and hommus, are happy enough with the sandwich but feel the salad, like the frittata has too much going on. Maggie and the trio enjoy the carrot cake.

Finally, it’s time to find out who’s in the elimination tomorrow.

Gaz tells the red team they struggled from the start.

Green team – Derek was clear and decisive as a leader, and it showed. Everything was delicious, so they’re the winners today.

That means the red team, Simon, Anushka, Abbey, Christina, Larissa and Tati will be in the elimination challenge, along with Sandeep.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar issues.

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The Super Switch Aus S01E02 – Recap

Last night, we met the six couples and tonight they’ll get matched. I’m super excited to see who gets paired.

The beach mansion is full with Ben (Christie’s partner), Justin (Neesha’s partner), Kendrick (Romina’s partner), Olga (Tyler’s partner), Aimee (Marcus’ partner) and Miranda (Lachlan’s partner).

The city mansion is full with Neesha, Christie, Romina, Marcus, Lachlan and Tyler.

For a refresher on the couples, check out yesterday’s recap.

Over at the beach mansion, Olga reads out who the couples are.

Kendrick and Aimee are the first match. Aimee is the inflexible one, and Kendrick is the closed-book. They’re anchors in the relationship.

Next is Ben and Olga. Ben is the larrikin, and Olga is irrational, they’re both lively.

Finally, Justin and Miranda. Miranda is the conservative one, and Justin is the traditional one. They’re paired to give each other a break.

At the city mansion, the first couple is Marcus and Romina. Ro is the temperamental one, and Marcus is the man-child. They’re both big personalities.

Next is Tyler and Christie. Christie is the headstrong one, and Tyler is the workaholic. They’re paired so he can be more laid back, and she gets someone more committed to a future.

Finally, it’s Lachlan and Neesha. She’s needy, he’s possessive, and they have similar values, like loyalty.

The couples have to move into the same bedroom, and have one bed to share. This will mean they’re immediately put to a test to compromise.

Ben and Olga are the first to move into their bedroom.

They talk about how they’re going to put the pillows between them, and Olga is already starting to get scared about her real partner. Ben is pushing her buttons and keeps saying things about how he trusts his girl, but she’s brought lingerie along. It’s a bit unfair, IMO.

Their real partners, Tyler and Christie, are moving into their room, and they agree to do a pillow wall.

Tyler talks about how he normally goes for long blonde hair, big boobs sort of girl, so Christie isn’t really his type.

Next is Aimee and Kendrick.

Kendrick said he and Ro agreed not to sleep in the same bed as the other person, not even in the same room. They had agreed that whatever one of them does, the other has to do.

He doesn’t know where he’s going to sleep.

Their real partners, Marcus and Ro are getting to know each other straight away. They sound very compatible.

Ro talks about how Marcus doesn’t want to be very intimate with his real partner, and she’s like, ‘I’d dump him. Intimacy is important.’

Over at the city mansion, Neesh and Lachlan are deciding where to sleep. Neesh is happy to find that they’ve got similar morals. Lachlan decides to sleep on the couch.

At the beach, Justin and Miranda are last to settle in. They feel pretty awkward when they come in and look around.

The two couples went out for drinks on their own. Neesh and Lachlan are happy to chat and get along.
Justin and Miranda start to have a talk, and Justin realises that he’s kinda terrible where he ignores and excludes his partner from coming out with his friends.
Miranda talks about how her boy is very over protective and how it makes her feel.

Tyler and Christie start the night by putting a pillow separator between them.

Lachlan and Neesh decided not to share a bed, and they’re happy with the similarity of their morals. She’s on the bed, and he’s on couch pillows on the ground. They throw shade at other couples who are sharing a bed.

Kendrick and Aimee aren’t even in the same room – he’s sleeping in the hallway on the ground.

Across town, Ro slept in the same bed as Marcus, I’m pretty sure.

It’s day 2, and the couples are going on their first dates.

Christie is excited to get along with Tyler. For their first date, she takes him for yoga by the beach.

She wants to be doing stuff with Ben and doing exciting things, so she’s having un hanging out with Tyler at the moment.

Ben and Olga have gone to a petting zoo for their first date. He likes to spend time with his partner, so she’ll “get an insight,” as Guy said, on being with someone who wants to hang out.

They have a lot of laughs and seem like they’re really enjoying themselves.

Aimee and Ken go for a horseback ride. They speculate what their other half have in common. They agree it’s that Marcus and Ro are loud.

“To me, life isn’t all about a joke,” Aimee says, enjoying how she can have serious talks with Ken.

Ro and Marcus seem to have a great relationship, and really hit it off. Today, Ro has taken him to do pole dancing. The two of them receive a private lesson, and they seem to have a good time. There’s a lot of laughing, and Marcus calls it passionate and intimate.

While they dance, Marcus says he enjoys being able to be silly, and mistakes aren’t met with judgement.

We keep getting sneak peeks for their first dinner party, and I am super excited. It’s going to be dramatic and wild.

It’s time for the first dinner party. At the beach house, everyone’s talking about Ken sleeping outside. He said he agreed to the rule, and he says he believes in Ro to do the same.

Aimee confesses that if Marcus proposed, she’d say no. She says that they’re not at the same stage of their relationship as everyone else.

Over at the city mansion, Lachlan and Neesh talk about how they really get along.

Tyler talks about creating a pillow wall and how it’s all about trusting your partner. Lachlan doesn’t like that at all. He says it’s 24 hours, in 3 weeks, what?
“It’ll be a g-string in the middle,” he tells the rest of the table.

There’s a lot of shocked looks, and I’m personally shook. Neesh seems to have the same sort of opinion.

Tyler is a bit salty because Lachlan is getting very judgemental. To him and Christie it’s part of the experiment. They think their partners wouldn’t do anything anyway.

Neesh says she’d break up with Justin if he shared a bed with another girl.

Oof, it’s Lachlan and Neesh getting angry at Christie and Tyler for sharing a bed. Neesh basically says they’re cheating.

The spice level at this dinner table is OFF the scale #SuperSwitch— The Super Switch (@thesuperswitch) June 12, 2019

A gif of part of the argument.

Christie is like why do you care so much? She says these are our morals, and you have different ones, leave it.

I’m getting serious Mean Girl “Why are you so obsessed with me?” sort of vibes right now.

Christie leaves in tears because it’s such a tirade against her and Tyler.

“They’re making me feel really bad. It’s making me feel like I have done the wrong thing,” she says.

This is drama is so intense, that the episode ends, telling us the drama will continue next week, and someone will walk out.

I’m SO excited to find out what goes on next Wednesday!

Here’s the couples and their new partners:

Ben and Christie (swapped with Tyler and Olga).
Justin and Neesha (swapped with Lachlan and Miranda).
Kendrick and Romina (swapped with Aimee and Marcus).

As usual, I write my recaps as I watch the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

The Super Switch will be back next Wednesday. In the meantime, why don’t you check out some MasterChef?

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MasterChef Aus S11E32 – Recap

Tonight is the immunity challenge, and Simon, Tessa, Abbey and Ben.

Before the episode starts, I’ve had a hot tip from Embers88, who has found Walleed’s website and instagram. He’s operating his own Middle Eastern dessert and sweet shop, Fresh Prince of Baklava, and I’m so here for it. Honestly, my love for him grows. Thanks for the tip, Embers88!

The episode starts in the MasterChef house, and there is a note in the kitchen, a la the bachelor date style, but sadly no Osher Gunsberg is in sight.

They have to go to their biggest sponsor, the place where Curtis Stone is chained until it’s time for marketing, Coles! There, the contestants have to buy one fresh ingredient.

They come back with their special Aldi Coles bags containing their ingredient.

When the contestants get to the kitchen, Gaz, George, Matt, and Matt Sinclair are waiting for the immunity hopefuls.

The trio of judges, Gaz, George and Matt, stand with tonight’s mentor, Matt SInclair

They welcome back Tim, who I don’t care for.

Then, it’s time to find out what everyone chose.

Tessa bought sugar snap peas, Ben oyster blade steak, Simon beetroot, not the tinned kind either, and Abbey returns with shitake mushrooms.

Matt tells them they have to choose three of the ingredients to cook with and have sixty minutes. They don’t have to use the one they bought.

Time starts, and the montage begins with the contestants running to the pantry.

Running to the pantry is an honest to god mood. Like, that’s me at 2am suddenly needing to make some Vegemite and cheese crackers. Most relatable part of this show.

Abbey gets so much air time on this show, and honestly she is so annoying. I miss my boy, Walleed.

ANUSHKA WATCH: One of my fave’s, Anushka, the 49 year old optical distributor, is wearing cute glasses again today.

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge Ben’s shirt?


Time is finally over, and I’m ready to taste.

First up is Ben!

Gaz says the plating has really improved, like something clicked.

He likes the food, Matt Sinclair says it’s well seasoned.

“Absolutely spectacular,” Matt says.

It’s time for Abbey.

The trio of judges and Matt Sinclair remind Abbey to stand by her dish. If something doesn’t work, don’t include it on the plate.

Next is Simon.

Matt Sinclair says it looks stunning, and different to everyone else’s – full vegetarian.

“I find the beetroot salty,” George says. “The mushrooms are too sweet, it’s a bit all over.”

It’s all about balancing flavours.

Finally, Tessa.

Matt likes that it references the original with the yolk in the middle.

“Tastes as good as it looks,” Gaz says. “The little things, like the crispy garlic, make it for me.”

Matt really likes it, and Matt Sinclair calls it a nice, refreshing way to eat a classic dish. George says it’s one of her best this season.

Now, it’s time for the results.

It’s Tessa’s turn for an immunity pin.

The guest chef today is Jesse McTavish.

Tessa gets to choose which flavour pair they get to work with. Jesse will find out when his time starts. He’ll have 60 minutes, she’ll have 75, and as usual, it’ll be a blind tasting.

The first is salt and vinegar, and the second is cheese and onion.

It’s a hard choice for Tessa. She has to do a dish that captures the pair perfectly. She decides on cheese and onion.

The trio leave, and Matt starts his mentoring, working with Tessa to get a dish going. Montage begins.

Finally, time is up, and it’s time to taste.

Up first is Jesse’s dish.

Suddenly, my visual was terrible.

The trio of judges try it.

Gaz says it’s missing a depth of flavour that the onion soup does.

“It’s not got that, BANG, of flavour,” George says.

They score the dish, and then it’s time for Tessa’s.

From the second it comes out, they trio LOVE the look. When they eat it, they love everything about it. Matt calls it a cracking dish, and I’d be surprised if Tessa doesn’t win.

Jesse revealed he cooked the soup, and he’s scored first.

Jesse: Gaz 7. George 8. Matt 7. Total 22.

Tessa: Matt 9. George 9. Gaz 9. Total 27.

So that means Tessa’s won the immunity pin. Matt Sinclair runs over and hugs her. This is the second pin Tessa has won this season, but she had used her pin already.

They thank Jesse for coming out, and then it’s all done and dusted for the day.

As usual, I wrote this as I watched the episode, so there is spelling and grammar issues.

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